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Pokemon Go Halloween Teaser 10/25 at 6 PM Theories

Update: Trainers, the Pokemon Go Japan Twitter account shared a new teaser trailer, and this time you can see Magikarp in the woods. Check out the trailer below.

Translation by Google: Something strange seems to be happening this Halloween season. What the hell is going on? 👀 Let’s all pay attention together with Buddy Pokémon…

Previous Story: Trainers, the Pokemon Go Twitter account just shared an unusual video with the title ” We’re receiving reports of some stranger Pokemon behavior. Stay alert.” We’re not 100% sure what does this mean, but we got some interesting theories.

The Pokemon Go Twitter account shared the following short trailer:

As you can see they are giving hints of what’s coming next and we guess this is going to be a big surprise. You can see the time which is 6 PM, you can see the numbers 10 and 25, which we think it’s the date October 25. Now, what’s happening on October 25, at 6 PM? Well, it’s a Spotlight Hour event featuring Shuppet.

Now, the interesting thing is that Niantic and Pokemon Go said the following when they announced the Shuppet Spotlight Hour – Bring your Buddy Pokemon to witness something special at the beginning and end of this Spotlight Hour. Does this mean Noibat will spawn more often in the for an hour? Well, it looks like we just have to wait and see.

There is another theory about the teaser, and we think that we might see Zorua’s debut on October 25, at 6 PM. Why? Well, we think that Noibat are running away from something they probably got scared of, and the title of the video says strange Pokemon behavior, which most likely means that Noibat are running away from something.

Here are some more details about Zorua, thanks to Bulbapedia:

“Zorua is said to have a timid nature which led to the development of its illusion abilities. Zorua keeps its true form hidden to ensure its safety and takes on the appearance of other Pokemon to frighten off enemies. the tail of an unpracticed Zorua may remain when it takes on a human form, and if the tail is touched, it will revert to its true form. Zorua is mischievous and loves to surprise others.”

We are most likely going to see more teaser trailers, so stay tuned.

We would like to hear your theories about this, so please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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