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Pokemon Go Mysterious Masks Halloween Special Research Quest Storyline

Trainers, the Pokemon Go Halloween 2022 event is right around the corner and you will have a chance to participate in the Mysterious Masks Special Research.

The Pokemon Go Mysterious Masks Special Research has four different steps, each step offering different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. Now, thanks to the world’s greatest miners we have the storyline for the Halloween Special Research.

That said, let’s take a look at the quest storyline below. Please have in mind that the Mysterious Masks Special Research is not live yet.

Mysterious Masks Research Storyline

%PLAYERNAME%. It is fortunate you’ve arrived.

I just observed a curious sight.

Floating over there were vaguely human visages, and carved slabs of…clay?

Yet despite the differences between these apparitions, they had a similar air.

As with many mysterious things in this world, I suspect Pokémon to be behind this.

Assuming I am correct, I wish to catch them. Then perhaps Professor Willow can share his insight.

Where’s that old getup of mine—oh! Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%!

I’ve been thinking of what to wear to Spark’s upcoming costume party. A Litwick hat? A Pikachu onesie? I can’t have Candela outshine me again this year.

Speaking of masquerades—is that a Yamask AND a Galarian Yamask? I can’t disguise my excitement!

You know, they say Yamask carry masks that used to be their faces when they were human. Sometimes they look at them and cry.

And Galarian Yamask are supposedly formed when ancient clay tablets are drawn to vengeful spirits.

Somber origins, but don’t they set your curiosity ablaze? I wonder how Yamask feel now that they’ve become Pokémon. What sort of thoughts are running through their minds?

In the “spirit” of inquiry, why don’t you see what other Ghost-type Pokémon you can find? You might even come across more Yamask!

Professor Willow is certainly knowledgeable. We were right to seek his wisdom.

To think that Yamask and Galarian Yamask have such origins… Incredible.

I must thank you for catching them. With every day we spend together, I learn something new.

The Pokémon we’ve seen of late have been…dark, in a manner of speaking.

But as the Professor said, they are simply another mystery we researchers can illuminate with our findings. Fear need not be a component of exploring the unknown.

%PLAYERNAME%, I shall continue observing these Yamask as I ponder today’s events.

Perhaps you could investigate other Ghost-type Pokémon in the meantime.

And to repay Professor Willow, I could see if I possess a GO Ultra Recon Squad uniform in his size…

Ah, %PLAYERNAME%! Welcome back. I’ve just about finished my Yamask, erm, mask, inspired by you and Rhi! What’ve the two of you been up to?

Whoa, you’ve caught even more Ghost-type Pokémon! It’s starting to look like a haunted house around here—or a haunted lab.

Ghost-type Pokémon always remind me how much remains in the world for us to uncover. Where do Drifloon drift off to? Do Duskull really spirit away bad children? What powers a Golett?

With enough time and perseverance, I’m sure we researchers will find the answers to these questions and more. Or maybe they’ll be answered by an up-and-at-’em Trainer like you! When it comes to learning, jump in headfirst, I always say!

Though…maybe I should amend that motto to exclude Ultra Wormholes. Haha.

Thanks for the extra motivation today, %PLAYERNAME%. I’ll see you again soon!

The Pokemon Go Halloween 2022 Part 1 runs from October 20, 2022, at 10 AM, to October 27, 2022, at 10 AM local time.

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