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Pokemon Go Zorua Debut is Imminent, Possible Release Date October 25, 2022

Update: Trainers, Zorua is now available to catch in Pokemon Go. If you want to learn how to get one, please see here.

Previous Story: Trainers, it looks like Zorua’s release is right around the corner and our expectations are to see Zorua on October 25, 2022.

Zorua is a Dark-type Gen 5 Pokemon that can change its physical appearance, though this transformation is merely an illusion as it keeps its own type and moves. According to Bulbapedia, Zorua is said to have a timid nature which led to the development of its illusion abilities. Zorua keeps its true form hidden to ensure its safety and takes on the appearance of other Pokémon to frighten off enemies.

Now, why do we think Zorua will make its Pokemon Go debut? Well, to be honest, all roads lead to the release of Zorua in Pokemon Go, and the recent changes on the Halloween 2022 blog post somehow confirm it.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are releasing teaser trailers, hinting at the date and time. On the first teaser, you can see 10/25 and 6 PM, which means something is coming on that date and time. Noibat are seen in a field, but they are running away from something. Who knows, maybe those are Zorua’s illusions trying to trick us. Hey, it’s Halloween Season so get ready for trick-or-treating.

In the second video, you can see Magikarp near a lake in a forest, looking scared as well. Is it Zorua this time or is it just us?

Now, the hints about Zorua come from recent changes in the Halloween 2022 blog post. Niantic and Pokemon Go changed/added the following: Zorua Onesie Outfit was added to Part 2 of the Halloween 2022 event (now removed, because it seems like someone pressed the wrong button again).

The last hint is the “Transform Dark” text. A “Transform Dark” text/sequence was added to Pokemon Go’s GM file which translates to Zorua.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think Zorua’s release is right around the corner?

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