Silent Hill: Townfall Announced, Reveal Trailer and more

On Wednesday, Konami decided to announce Silent Hill: Townfall. After years of speculation and many leaks that did not lead to any confirmation, the developer himself-Konami has announced this horror gem. The game has no confirmed release window nor designated platforms of release. Therefore, just like you, we’re in the dark.

Silent Hill will include a completely new story set in 1960’s Japan featuring a beautiful, yet horrifying world. Written by Ryūkishi07, famed for Japanese visual novels dealing with murder mysteries, psychological and supernatural horror.

The game is a new title from Annapurna Interactive and No Code, who previously worked on Stories Untold or Observation as their most recent projects, which both were released last year with mixed reviews, but we’ll see how this one turns out when it comes down.

FToday was an exciting day for thosewho have been waiting for a new entry in the long-running Silent Hill series, The developer behind this project has shown that they are on track and looking to deliver something special with how much care was put into its tone as well as imagery! It’s going to be hard not only to live up to but also to exceed expectations after such high praise from fans around the globe.

What are your thoughts on the so-far revealed?

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