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Apex Legends November 14 Update Fixes the Heirloom Glitch

Respawn Entertainment released a new update for Apex Legends on November 14. This update is around 60 MB in size, and it hasn’t been combed through the official channels. In short, it’s a small update that probably includes a couple of fixes, such as the disposal of the heirloom glitch.

Apex Legends Update November 14 Patch Notes

Considering this update went under the radar, there are no official patch notes posted by the developer just yet. What we have found so far is claims by other players who have been playing after the release of this update. Over on the Apex Legends SubReddit, a user has revealed that the heirloom glitch is no more there.

The latest patch fixed the heirloom glitch. No more free heirloom for my broke a** ig :< from apexlegends

There has been speculation that the Freezing bug is not fixed yet, as people are still encountering the same issue. According to the official Trello page, this is what’s been determined so far:


  • Reports of players not receiving coins after purchase.
  • [PC] Reports of game freezing.

Fixes coming in future patch

  • Game crashes if player unplugs an audio device.
  • Players have no audio if a headset is plugged in while the game is already running.
  • Banner incorrectly displaying players in “Rookie” Rank when they are not.
  • Players at certain ranks not receiving the correct ranked rewards for certain seasons.
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