Arthas joins Hearthstone as a new hero class in March of the Lich King

Even though Wrath of the Lich King is one way of depicting Arthas’ journey in the World of Warcraft era, Blizzard has decided to step a step further and include him in the next Hearthstone expansion. Named The March of the Lich King, this Hearthstone expansion will introduce Death Knights to the exciting and fierce card game by Blizzard.

The March of the Lich King’s story evolves around the Blood Elves, which peril was overseen by the Lich King and his Scourge army. As a celebration, Blizzard has published a new trailer revealing Arthas and his slaughter against the Blood Elves. More about the expansion can be found below.

The March of the Lich King expansion includes:

  • 145 New Collectible Cards
  • New Minion Types
  • New Keywords
  • and more

Warriors of the frozen wastes, rise and hear the Lich King’s call. The Lich King is returning to Hearthstone, and he’s bringing with him Hearthstone’s next class: Death Knight!

He’s leading his Undead army in a siege on the Blood Elf city of Silvermoon. Will you join the Undead masses, or will you stand with the Blood Elves to stop their advance?

The 145-card expansion overflows with weapons for both sides, featuring the new Death Knight class, new Undead, and dual-type minions, the new Manathirst keyword, the returning Reborn keyword, and more!

March of the Lich King launches worldwide on December 6.

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