Diablo 4 IGN Interview shares glimpse on Development and more

In a recent interview with IGN, Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson and Game Director Joe Shely discuss various topics related to their approach to testing the game and its status as an ongoing live service.

They also speak about how long seasons will last, potentiating that there won’t be any significant story interruptions like people experienced in previous titles, where they could only play during certain times due to content drops every few weeks or months.

The interview video is embedded at the top of this article, where both masterminds speak about testing, end-game, and other exciting features coming to the game.

As Fergusson stated, testing Diablo 4 is like “soup testing,” considering the analysis of feedback provided by the testers. This puts the end-game at a rough spot since it’s the essential element for all the players since they want to get “way past the campaign,” unlike the repetitiveness in Diablo 3.

Being a live-service game, it should provide rich content. According to them, the game should “feel rich” and provide an additional environment as players course through the main campaign. Remember when in Diablo 3 before the seasons arrived? You had to replay the campaign a couple of times to get stronger. Well, that will no longer be necessary.

Speaking of Seasons, in Diablo 4, they are expected to be significant and meaningful, altering the linear game experience as noted throughout the main campaign. At this moment, it feels like the developer is mainly focusing on the end-game content. If you’re interested in breaking down the highlights by yourself, make sure you check the video embedded at the top of this article.

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