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Dota 2’s TI 2022 Battle Pass Part 2 is Live, Diretide, Candyworks and more

The long-awaited second stage of this year’s TI Battle Pass in Dota 2 has finally arrived. While everyone is trying to get their packs and unlock new types of cosmetics, the Dota 2 Coordinator is having struggles delivering. Something that’s been bottlenecking Dota 2 since its very existence. Now, let’s jump to the Part 2 and see what’s new.

Part 2 of the Battle Pass features the Candyworks, the new Diretide game mode, a second Cavern Crawl map, and the release of another round of rewards – like the Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden Persona, Immortal Treasure II, custom Versus screens, a Cave Johnson announcer pack, fresh taunts, and more. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a bit more until we see Razor’s Arcana in action.

Together with it, the Candyworks which shop offers quality skins from previous generations. Don’t miss Sithil and Quirt’s Candyworks & Treasure Emporium, where you can trade in candy you’ve gained from the Battle Pass, or any you gain from playing games and recycling treasures, to claim all manner of goodies — from items, couriers, and wards all the way up to Arcana — even a custom Roshan skin.

Queue up for Diretide: Season’s Greevilings, where players harness Roshan’s strength to destroy the enemy team’s Taffy Wells. Recover Taffy from greevilous taffy thieves, score it at enemy Wells, and watch Roshan rip those buildings to pieces — all while riding a trusty mount of your choosing.

Explore the 2022 Battle Pass web page for more details, and if you haven’t already purchased or unlocked a Battle Pass, you can score one for free thanks to The International 2022 Swag Bag.

Moving Dota Technology Forward

Dota 2 is enhancing its technology and has announced that the support for OpenGL renderer will be removed with the next update.

This update adds support for NVIDIA Reflex on GTX 900 series and above. Reflex decreases click-to-display latency, particularly in situations where performance is limited by the GPU.

On September 16, 2021, we announced our intent to remove support for OpenGL. This is the last major update for Dota that will support OpenGL. For the vast majority of players, nothing will change when OpenGL is removed, as they have already switched to a newer, higher-fidelity renderer.

We encourage players to switch now if they haven’t already, and let us know if problems arise.

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