When is the next Escape From Tarkov wipe?

Escape From Tarkov has had a long play cycle so far, and just as every time, it has to end, eventually. This occasion usually concludes with a complete game wipe by resetting the database and progress of every single player, allowing them to start anew.

Battlestate Games has always been mysterious regarding the Escape From Tarkov wipes, including ordinary patches. Each update has been subject to mystery, and the next wipe will likely follow the tradition and be announced out of the blue.

So, when’s the next Escape From Tarkov wipe?

The only way we pinpoint the next wipe date would be to follow previous data. For that:

Keep in mind that we’re currently on a 6-month play cycle. With the last wipe concluding on June 29, 2022, December is the best contender for the next wipe. It may also deploy simultaneously with the New Year’s in-game event.

Below you can find the dates and patches of the last four wipes, solidifying the 6-month theory even further.

Date Patch
June 29, 2022 12.12.30
December 12, 2021 12.12
June 30, 2021 12.11
December 24, 2020 12.9

A wipe means a complete database drop. No progress carries over, which means everything you had in your inventory will no longer be there. The only thing you have is the starter packs (based on the game edition) that include a couple of guns, meds, ammunition, and armor. It’s the best period for newcomers to start playing the game too.

Why so? Throughout this period, the game spikes in concurrent player numbers, and not everyone is using overpowered ammunition or armor. This is exactly why everyone enjoys playing Escape From Tarkov during this period.

What’s expected with the next Escape From Tarkov wipe?

Battlestate Games has been working on the game quite intensively. The developer has been experimenting with new sound options while improving the netcode, architecture, and functionality of the game.


As for the content, fans have been promised the long-awaited GIGACHAD, Lightkeeper, the trader that never made it into the game. All we had was a bunch of mines planted around the Lighthouse, which concealing characteristics took the lives of innocent PMCs.

Streets of Tarkov

Streets of Tarkov is a map that’s been in development for years now. The map and its environment were showcased to players through a series of pictures and videos. There hasn’t been a playtest at all.

Escape From Tarkov Arena

The upcoming team-based tactical shooter has only been revealed via a trailer, and we have no proof nor hints of its arrival date. The only thing that was said during its reveal was that Arena would be available for EoD editions only, while others would have to buy it in the form of DLC. We might be on the verge of getting this multiplayer component, too, considering how stealthy Battlestate Games has been in the last couple of months.

In the meantime, I’ve tried poking BSG for a hint, but I doubt I’ll get one. If I do, I will update this article.

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