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GTA Online makes changes to Shark Card values and availability

After December 9, 2022 Red Shark Cards will no longer be available for purchase.

Rockstar Games has revealed that the definitive Red Shark Cards will be a thing of the past in GTA Online, and those still available are about to become even more valuable! GTA+ Shark Card purchases provide an extra bonus in terms of monetary value as well. So act fast – these changes mean that your gaming currency could be worth up to double what you originally paid for it, so take advantage while they’re around!

Changes to Shark Card values and availability

As per Rockstar Games’ Faq, these are the changes that will happen to both Standard Shark Card Values and GTA + Shark Card Values:

This FAQ covers some general questions regarding the changes to standard and GTA+ Shark Card values.

Question: When will changes to Shark Card values go into effect?

Answer: Shark Card value changes go into effect on December 9, 2022.

Question: What changes are being made to Shark Cards value and availability?

Answer: After December 9, 2022 Red Shark Cards will no longer be sold. In addition, the GTA$ value of all remaining Shark Cards will increase. The tables below show the GTA$ value increases for standard Shark Card and GTA+ Shark Card purchases.

Standard Shark Card Values 

Card Name Previous Value New Value
Tiger GTA$ 200,000 GTA$ 250,000
Bull GTA$ 500,000 GTA$ 600,000
Great White GTA$ 1,250,000 GTA$ 1,500,000
Whale GTA$ 3,500,000 GTA$ 4,250,000
Megalodon Shark GTA$ 8,000,000 GTA$ 10,000,000

GTA+ Shark Card Values 

Card Name Previous Value New Value
Tiger GTA$ 230,000 GTA$  287,500
Bull GTA$ 575,000 GTA$  690,000
Great White GTA$ 1,437,000 GTA$ 1,725,000
Whale GTA$ 4,025,000 GTA$ 4,887,500
Megalodon Shark GTA$ 9,200,000 GTA$ 11,500,000

: Can I still redeem the Red Shark Cards I have?

Answer: Yes. You will be able to redeem Red Shark Cards at their original stated value. Standard Red Shark Cards will continue to have a value of GTA$ 100,000 and GTA+ Red Shark Cards will continue to have a value of GTA$ 115,000 upon redemption.

Question: What can I do if I don’t see the Shark Card value changes on my platform after December 9, 2022?

Answer: If you are seeing the previous GTA$ values when purchasing or redeeming a Shark Card, please restart the game on your platform to make sure any updates are applied.

Question: Will the Shark Cards I purchased before the value changes receive the difference in value?

Answer: All Shark Card purchases redeemed between November 24, 2022 and December 5, 2022 will have the value difference added to the associated MAZE bank account. Value reconciliations will occur automatically and are expected to be completed by December 9, 2022.

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