Modern Warfare 2 fixes expected to be deployed with next update

If you do not know, Infinity Ward launched an official Trello page for Modern Warfare 2. The page was found yesterday. At first, it wasn’t the smoothest takeoff (due to user privileges) and turned to peril, but Infinity Ward relaunched it, and now it works just fine.

Trello allows us to take a look at some of the game issues the developer is looking into. An all-inclusive look at bugs, issues, and other multiplayer-related oddities. Thanks to it, we can see what is going on with the game in detail and which topics are present or awaiting a fix. With that said, let’s have a look at all of the issues MW2 is currently facing.


  • We’re aware of some players experiencing crashes when partied up.
  • Ping will be temporarily disabled while we fix a bug affecting it.
  • A visual bug affecting some grass textures on Sariff Bay.
  • Some Xbox users will experience a bug where their player icon on the minimap disappears after the user dies and gets revived.
  • Some players may experience a bug where suppressed weapons only have sound for the using player.
  • Ground War map Santa Seña currently has a bug where the APC can respawn in a location that renders it stick and immovable.


  • We’re investigating an issue some players are experiencing with weapon camo progression.


  • Investigating a potential issue with Night War AI.
  • Some Xbox users may experience a crash when disconnecting from the internet and starting a new SP save.
  • Some users will receive a Connection Failed error when attempting to enter any SP menu with no intrernet connection. The player cannot enter the Combat.

Special Ops

  • The player cannot enter the Combat Record/Star Rewards menu.

Modern Warfare 2’s launch wasn’t really escorted with beauty. Some of its players are able to enjoy the game without any crashes, while others are getting them every second or third match. Not only when partied up, but also when solo, some people are having trouble getting an uninterrupted gameplay experience. Either way, thanks to Trello, we can see that Infinity Ward is on track to deploying some of the necessary mends.

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