Overwatch 2 had 35 million players in its first month of release

Overwatch 2, the ability-based first-person shooter developed by Blizzard, reached a new milestone. Throughout its first month (not counting its predecessor), the game managed to indulge 35 million players.

The number has been revealed in the latest press release detailing Activision Blizzard’s financial results, where it was stated that Overwatch 2 managed to snatch 35 million in just its first month since launch.

The number proves that Overwatch 2 has had twice the power over its predecessor over the course of the same timeline. As stated in the press release, October 4 saw the global launch of Overwatch 2, with a free-to-play model designed to allow more people than ever before to experience the acclaimed team-based action game.

Over 35 million people played the game in its first month, including many who were new to Overwatch.

The expanded community is engaging deeply, with average daily player numbers for the first month of Overwatch 2 more than double that of its acclaimed predecessor. Player investment is also off to a strong start, positioning the title to be a meaningful contributor to Blizzard’s business in the fourth quarter. Blizzard is looking forward to delivering an ambitious slate of regular seasonal updates for Overwatch 2 that introduce new characters, maps and modes, including the game’s much-anticipated PvE mode planned for 2023.

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