Pokemon Go A Cosmic Companion Special Research Quest Tasks Rewards

Trainers, the last part of the season-long Special Research story A Cosmic Companion has been revealed and we now have the complete list of all tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters.

The new Astral Eclipse event in Pokemon Go brings the last part of the A Mystic Companion Special Research story. That said, after three months, we have now completed the Special Research and we would like to share our journey with the rest of the Pokemon Go community.

A Cosmic Companion is a season-long Special Research with different parts. The A Cosmic Companion Special Research has four different parts, different steps or stages, different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. Each month they released a new chapter, and now they revealed the last part.

The A Cosmic Companion Research is the only way to get Cosmog in Pokemon Go that can be later used to get Cosmoem, Solgaleo, and Lunala.

That said, let’s take a look at all steps, tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters below.

A Cosmic Companion Research Pokemon Go

A Cosmic Companion Part 1

A Cosmic Companion Step 1/12

  • Catch 15 Pokemon: x5 Razz Berry
  • Make 10 Curveball Throws: Staryu Encounter
  • Catch 15 Psychic-type Pokemon: x5 Pinap Berry
  • Rewards: Cosmog Encounter, 1000 XP, x500 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 2/12

  • Give your buddy 3 treats: Woobat Encounter
  • Earn 10 Candies walking with your buddy: Staryu Encounter
  • Catch 15 Psychic-type Pokemon: Munna Encounter
  • Rewards: x1 Poffin, 2000 XP, x500 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 3/12

  • Earn 15 hearts with your buddy: Ralts Encounter
  • Send 10 Gifts to friends: Staryu Encounter
  • Catch 20 different species of Pokemon: x25 Pokeball
  • Rewards: x5 Pinap Berry, 3000 XP, x1000 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 4/12

  • Catch 3 Pokemon: 789 XP
  • Rewards: 25 Cosmog Candy, 3000 XP, and 1000 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Part 2

A Cosmic Companion Step 5/12

  • Complete 5 Field Research tasks: Baltoy
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: Staryu
  • Evolve a Cosmog: 1000 Stardust
  • Rewards: 25 Cosmog Candy, 1000 XP, and 750 XP

A Cosmic Companion Part 3

A Cosmic Companion Step 6/12

  • Complete 10 Field Research tasks: Elgyem
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: Staryu
  • Walk 5km: Girafarig
  • Rewards: 25 Cosmog Candy, 2000 XP, and 750 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 7/12

  • Earn 15 Hearts with your Buddy: Kirlia
  • Hatch an Egg: Staryu
  • Catch 20 different species of Pokemon: 25 Great Ball
  • Rewards: 10 PokeBall, 3000 XP, and 1500 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Part 4

A Cosmic Companion Step 8/12

  • Catch 3 Pokemon: 789 XP
  • Rewards: 50 Cosmog Candy, 3000 XP, and 1500 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 9/12

  • Evolve a Cosmoem: Staryu
  • Rewards: Starmie, 2000 XP, and 500 Stardust
  • NOTE: Here is how to evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo or Lunala

A Cosmic Companion Step 10/12

  • Evolve 3 Pokemon: 12 Nanab Berry
  • Walk 5km: Staryu
  • Make 15 Great Throws: 10 Pinap Berry
  • Rewards: Solrock, 4000 XP, 1000 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 11/12

  • Evolve 3 Pokemon: 12 Nanab Berry
  • Walk 5km: Staryu
  • Make 15 Nice Curveball Throws: 10 Pinap Berry
  • Rewards: Lunatone, 4000 XP, and 1000 Stardust

A Cosmic Companion Step 12/12

  • Earn 15 Hearts with your Buddy: Gardevoir
  • Catch 25 different species of Pokemon: Staryu
  • Earn 10,000 Stardust: 25 Ultra Ball
  • Rewards: 1 Star Piece, 5000 XP, and 2500 Stardust

The Season of Light is coming to end, and a new Season will begin starting on December 1, 2022. According to rumors, the new Season will be called Mythical Wishes and hopefully, there will be another season-long Special Research.

A Cosmic Companion Special Research Quest Storyline

Hello, TRAINER! It’s great to see you. I can’t thank you and Rhi enough for bringing me back from beyond the Ultra Wormhole. The two of you are quite the team!

As exhilarating as it was to explore a different dimension, it wasn’t without its challenges. Thoughts of home kept me calm – you, Meltan, the team leaders…

Maybe it was the sheer strength of those memories, but more than once it seemed almost like I was being surrounded by a protective presence – warm like the sun and calm like the moon.

Who knows – maybe there really was something watching out for me! Our world can’t be the only one full of mysteries, after all.
Speaking of mysteries, I have a new one to share with you, TRAINER. Since my return, a small, gaseous Pokemon I’ve never seen before has been hanging around my lab.

It seems friendly, but where did it come from? Did it follow me from beyond the Ultra Wormhole? Could it be an Ultra Beast?

Considering that possibility, I think it would be best if you work with Rhi to raise this Pokemon. Naturally, I’ll be eager to hear anything you may learn in the process.

Greetings, Pokemon Trainer. With the Ultra Beasts presently at bay, now is an opportune moment to reflect on our time together thus far.

The Ultra Wormholes and the dangers they pose were my primary concerns upon arriving in this world. But now, I find myself equally invested in developing our relationship.

In light of our new rapport, perhaps it is time I reintroduced myself.
I am Rhi of the GO Ultra Recon Squad. It is a pleasure to be your friend, TRAINER.

Is there any objective I may assist you with today?
Your Professor Willow has asked us to rear and study a peculiar Pokemon, is it? Understood.

Ah. I have heard tales of such a Pokemon. Its gentle glow is impossible to mistake. I believe this Pokemon is called…Cosmog.

Come – let us show Cosmog the beauty of this world.

Hm? You wish to know more of Cosmog?

Some have said that in ages past, it was known as the child of the stars.

Beyond that, few details are known.

Perhaps you and I can shed some light on this peculiar Pokemon.

Earning its trust seems like a logical first step.

Do you think Cosmog would feel closer to us if it were given a nickname?

Its visage reminds me of outer space… A nebula, perhaps.
But never mind my musings. I will leave the decision to you, TRAINER.

No matter the name, I am eager to learn more of Cosmog as we become better acquainted

Hey, TRAINER! Great to see you, as always.

How have you and Rhi been? Have you two learned any more about that mysterious Pokemon?

Rhi recognizes it, you say? And its name is Cosmog? Incredible! Having a bit of extra-dimensional help really expands ourknowledge base.

Still, when it comes to Pokemon research, nothing beats firsthand observation. Have you gleaned anything interesting during your time with Cosmog, TRAINER?

Hmm… I see.

Sounds like Cosmog’s curious, but not very cautious.

I can relate to throwing caution to the wind, but when you’re light enough to be blown away by the slightest breeze… Well.

It’s a good thing you and Rhi are there to make sure Cosmog is safe – just like you were for me!

Anyhow, the more time you spend with Cosmog, the more we’ll learn. Let me know when you make more discoveries!

TRAINER. Greetings. So, Cosmog has evolved into Cosmoem. Do not be troubled by its current state. This is its natural biology at work.

Though Cosmoem lies inert, energy is building within its core.
I suspect it is preparing to evolve and will become active again in due time.

Precisely when that will happen is beyond my knowledge, however.
Once Cosmoem evolves, I wonder… Wait. I am struck by a thought. Recall how Willow spoke of a presence “warm like the sun and calm like the moon.”

I apologize for the abrupt interruption of our conversation, TRAINER, but I must make some notes.

Please continue your exploration in my absence and apprise Professor Willow of Cosmog’s evolution into Cosmoem.

TRAINER, you’re back already! How’s Cosmog –

Whoa! Who’s that Pokemon? Did Cosmog evolve?! Just look at that lustrous shell!

Rhi’s hypothesis is that this “Cosmoem” will stay in this state until it’s ready to evolve? Excellent theory!

It’s definitely easier to get an up-close look at a Pokemon holding still, but what do you think is going on in Cosmoem’s mind? Is it asleep? Maybe it’s dreaming of adventuring with you and Rhi!

What else will we learn once it “becomes active,” as Rhi put it? What kind of Pokemon could it become? Unlike our serene friend here, my mind’s buzzing with questions and possibilities!

I can’t wait to see what mysteries we’ll unravel, TRAINER! Keep taking good care of Cosmoem until then.

Still in a holding pattern with Cosmoem, TRAINER? Not to worry – sometimes slow and steady is the way to go. I’ll be waiting right here, so come see me when you have an update to share.

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