The Last of Us Escape the Dark New Board Game Announced

Naughty Dog are releasing a new Last of Us board game and the Kickstarter launches on November 8, 2022.

The new Last of Us Escape the Dark board game is created by Themeborne. powered by the evolution of the Escape the Dark game engine. The game can be played with up to five players and you can choose different characters. The selection includes Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy, and Marlene.

Here is an overview of the new board game, thanks to Themeborne:

The Last of Us: Escape the Dark will be powered by the latest evolution of the Escape the Dark game engine, offering 1-to-5 players a new way to experience the world of The Last of Us. Taking the roles of Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy, or Marlene, fans will have the opportunity to weave their own unique story of survival and companionship as they explore an open-world map – attempting to make their way to safety while keeping everybody in the group alive.

Gameplay involves players making choices about which route to take and resolving immersive ‘chapter cards’ at familiar locations from the video game, including the Suburbs, Sewers, and University. Survival will depend on using a tactical combination of item cards and custom dice to overcome iconic threats, such as Hunters and Infected.

Each survivor begins the game with a unique ‘Hang-up’ and is on a journey of personal growth to overcome it, unlocking their full potential as a character if they can do so. A simple, satisfying crafting and weapon upgrade system also can be utilized to give players the edge in whatever strategy they choose to employ – from stealth to full-on combat.

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