Warzone 2.0’s Battle Pass Explained, Operator Skins, Weapons and more

November 16 is just around the corner.

The launch of Season 1 will introduce a new and revamped Battle Pass system that will be quite exciting for all the fans. Warzone 2.0 and DMZ gamers can expect an entire Battle Pass full of rewards, as well as Operator skins for those who enjoy playing on this mode alone! Plenty of content is coming your way regarding content updates that will keep you satisfied throughout the coming Seasons.

As detailed in today’s blog post by Activision, the new Battle Pass will offer players a collection of free items, including weapons and Call of Duty points, just by playing the game. The new Battle Pass will give players “more choices and more agency than ever before.”

Instead of a linear stream of tiers like in previous Battle Passes, this time around, there will be a multi-Sector map that will allow players to unlock items using earned Battle Token Tier Skips across the Battle Pass. Each map has at least 20 Sectors with five items in each Sector – tokens can be used to either unlock adjacent Sectors or earn more items within an unlocked Sector.

Battle Pass System Explained

Let’s see what Activision Blizzard shared in today’s post regarding the new Battle Pass system.

The new Battle Pass is a bit easier to understand once you walk through your first Sector. Whether you decide to stick to the free version or upgrade to get access to all content, everyone will start the Season 01 Battle Pass at Sector A1. Click on any Sector, and you’ll see there are up to five different items to unlock.

On the Battle Pass Area of Operations (AO), or the onscreen map, you will see “The Orbiter” Weapon Blueprint over Sector A1 – this is called the High-Value Target (HVT). Think of it as the main item of interest within a Sector. You will also see the HVTs of all other Sectors shown across the Battle Pass screen. Now for a closer inspection: Select Sector A1, and you will see four other items underneath the HVT: the “Aerial Entrance” Calling Card, a Double Weapon XP Token, the “Aerial Entrance” Emblem, and the “Paying Rent” Weapon Charm.

All these items require a Battle Token Tier Skip to unlock. Battle Token Tier Skips are earned simply by playing the game, like Tiers in the old system. “Tier Skips” from the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare II will be converted into an equivalent number of Battle Token Tier Skips (50 Tier Skips, 50 Battle Token Tier Skips).

Earn a maximum of 100 Battle Token Tier Skips within a Season, which will be automatically spent at the end of the season if you don’t designate Sector items you wish to unlock. If you have more Vault Edition Battle Token Tier Skips than rewards remaining in the Battle Pass, any surplus will carry over to the following season.

Using a Battle Token Tier Skip “unlocks” an item for access. Items tagged with “Free” are available for all players. Get the full Battle Pass to get every item available.

In each Sector, the four items need to be unlocked with Battle Token Tier Skips before the HVT is available to unlock with another Battle Token Tier Skip. In the case of Sector A1, four Battle Token Tier Skips are needed to unlock the “Aerial Entrance” Calling Card, a Double Weapon XP Token, the “Aerial Entrance” Emblem, and the “Paying Rent” Weapon Charm, so that you can then use a fifth Battle Token Tier Skip to get “The Orbiter” Weapon Blueprint.

After getting the HVT item, the Sector is complete and you are free to advance to any adjacent Sector. In our example, once you get “The Orbiter,” you can move on to Sectors A2 and A3.

So, to recap, five Battle Token Tier Skips are needed to unlock everything in a Sector and to move on to another Sector. And 100 Battle Token Tier Skips are required to complete the Battle Pass.

Items available with Warzone’s Battle Pass

The following items will be available with the purchase of Warzone 2.0’s Battle Pass

  • New Weapon HVTs in Sectors A6, A7
  • Victus XMR Sniper Rifle — Imperatorium Platform (Sector A7, HVT, Free)
  • New HVT Operator Skins at Sectors A9, A11, A18
  • “The Unseen” KorTac Mil-Sim Operator Skin (Sector A9, HVT)
  • “Ursidae” Zero Operator Skin (Sector A11, HVT)
  • “Blackout” Roze Operator Skin (Sector A18, HVT)
  • Bundle Highlight: Pro Pack

BP rewards for reaching 100% completion on the map

  • “Olympus King” Zeus Operator Skin
  • “Mortal’s Bane” Weapon Blueprint
  • 300 COD Points

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 is just around the corner, launching tomorrow at 10 AM PT, together with Warzone 2.0 and DMZ.

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