Warzone 2.0 servers are on fire right now, good luck getting in

And you though it's gonna be a smooth launch?

Warzone 2 servers are on FIRE! Do you think you’re the only one that is stuck on the login message? Here I am, a literal sitting duck waiting for Warzone 2.0’s servers to grasp their manhood. So far, no success, as I am being hit by Detrick – Geilenkirchen. Probably a German dude who’s hitting the red button once he sees my nickname pop up in the queue.

Jokes aside, this is becoming quite serious. I am trying to log in as I am writing this piece. However, after I alleviated the difficulties caused by the German dude, I got slapped by Blizzard. They said I am too heavy or something.

There it is, boys, Blizzard let me pass through… Oh, wait, what’s this? Yeah, I got halted by another error pointing me to visit Activision support for updates on the issue.

I have to ask Infinity Ward, how about a little Transparency? Just make all the errors print out the following:

WE ARE FLOODED BY PLAYERS SO MUCH THAT OUR SERVERS ARE LITERALLY HAVING TEMPERATURES RIGHT NOW. Then slap a link that will contain a top-down image of a Volcano, and ask players if they’re ready to take a leap of faith. Just be honest, we all know what you’re dealing with.

Anyhow, this already speaks for the massive success of Warzone 2.0, and despite the difficulties, Infinity Ward is probably glad to witness the difficulties. God knows how many players are kicking their feet in anticipation of the new DMZ and Warzone 2.0.

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