BSG’s Head of PR warns fans to watch out for Tarkov Arena

Tarkov lovers, just like you, I am excited about the upcoming, team-based, tactical shooter in Escape From Tarkov. Realistically speaking, such a game mode in the Tarkov universe will probably compete with some of the best first-person shooters in the industry, and we may see it snatching a couple of them. Luckily for us, BSG’s head of PR, Dmitri Ogorodnikov, has reminded us of this gem.

When you see Dmitri active on his Twitter, you immediately know that something is boiling. The previous deadline for this game mode was in the summer. Since then, we haven’t heard anything about it. But as disclosed previously, we know that BSG wants to release it this year.

Therefore, the delay for the December 2022 wipe might be related to the shooter itself, which may maintain an installment with the next wipe. After the Escape From Tarkov ARENA Twitter account was created, we haven’t heard much of it, except for Nikita rumbling about how they plan to release the game as both DLC and standalone.

What we know so far about Tarkov Arena

This team-based game mode will convey a different message and differ from the unique Tarkov experience. Instead, will promote tactical team-based activities, where two opposing teams will fight for the remaining goodies on the map. The game mode will offer objectives too. What kind of objectives? Well, think of CS GO or Valorant. Think of Rainbow Six Siege too, where the objective is more important than running around fishing for kills.

As previously stated, the COO of Battlestate Games, Nikita Buyanov, Escape From Tarkov Arena is supposed to release this year. Presumably, with the start of the next wipe. And believe it or not, the next wipe is coming soon. Now that we’re in a pre-wipe event, it may happen at any time.

The game will feature various PvP and PvE game modes, ratings, weapons, gear unlocks, and unique features for owners of the main Escape from Tarkov game, such as the ability to play as your main profile character. For owners of the EoD pack, Arena will be available for free as DLC. For all other versions of EFT, the Arena mode will be standalone and behind a paywall, with the ability to purchase Arena without buying the core game.

Will Escape From Tarkov Arena be a separate game for those who bought EOD or will it be integrated in the game’s launcher?

  • It will be a separate game but if you have the main game you will have the ability to quickly switch between the two clients.

Will players who bought EOD and players who bought the Arena separately be able to play together?

  • Yes, of course.

How many maps will there will be in Arena?

  • There will be many maps. With the release of Arena there will be 5 or 6 small Arenas and maybe 1 or 2 medium arenas. But with the start of the testing period there will be 3 or 4 arenas to test on. The quantity will increase afterward.

Will maps be indoors or outdoors?

  • There will be both indoor and outdoor locations.

Will there be a spectator mode in Arena (DEATHCAM)?

  • Yes, it’s planned.

How many teams will be able to participate in a single match?

  • At this moment, two teams, Blue and Red.

Will it be possible to select a specific team or will matchmaking be completely random?

  • There will be matchmaking.

What will be the ping limit for Arena?

  • I don’t know.

What tick rate will Arena have?

  • It will be much bigger than the current EFT servers. I think maybe a 100 or more.

Will there be a quest system for Arena?

  • There will be no quest system for Arena but there will be tasks inside the Arena to unlock things, and if you have the main game, you will have the ability to complete quests related to Arena.

Stationary weapons inside Arena?

  • Most likely.

Night time maps in Arena?

  • Yes.

How will the Arena be structured? Will it be necessary to reach the exit after the beginning or at the end of a timer will the player be moved to the stash?

  • You will see it by yourself but it will be pretty simple. It will have a timer, it will have an announcer that will tell you what to do, and if you decide to not to fight, there will be chance that the host will activate the cleaning squad that will hunt you down and all other players that are not participating the match correctly, like try to hide or something.

Will there be a secure container available in the Arena?

  • No

Will there be a loot spawn in the Arena?

  • Yes. On some POIs there will be medkits, ammo, etc.

Will there be an offline mode?

  • No offline mode. There will be non-ranked mode.

Separate release of Arena on Steam?

  • I don’t know, maybe. Most likely yes, but I don’t know when exactly.

Will players have an ability to create custom arena matches, for example pistols only?

  • There will be an ability to create custom matches, and all of the settings and everything it’s still thing to design right now, so we’re thinking about what to add exactly in this kind of customization of your private matches.

How customizable the arena will be in terms of mechanics? Will players have an ability to make PMC die from single shot or other crazy mechanics?

  • No, PURE EFT Realism.

Will there be auto generated gear?

  • You will see by yourself. So, if you don’t have the main game, you will have to unlock presets, or cards with different gear. There will be a big amount of different presets and weapons, and you will be able to use them in the Arena. If you have the main version of the game of EFT, you will have the option to use your main character and gear and participate in the Arena.

Will there be a PvE mode where players will fight versus enemies?

  • Yes.

Will players be able to gamble and make bets in the Arena?

  • Something like this.
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