Escape From Tarkov December 2022 Pre-Wipe Event Has Begun

Battlestate Games is notorious for its series of in-game Escape From Tarkov events before a wipe concludes. With that said, we’re getting extremely close to such an activity since the pre-wipe events have officially begun. Are you ready for fun?

Today’s event is something special, and it empowers the weak. Even though there’s no need to be sad about your PMC skills and Weapon mastery, you can still get them maxed out during the first pre-wipe event. However, the achievement won’t persist after the wipe, so we do not know if this is an essential task unless you want to experiment with your weapon recoil after reaching full mastery.

Event #1

The event details are simple, and they increase the following two categories:

  • Weapon XP gains increased to 2100%.
  • Character XP gains increased to 2400%.

If you’ve been struggling to level up your skills and weapon mastery throughout this season, then this event might be the perfect event for you. Wipe is coming, and the next Thursday might be doomsday.

The event was first announced on the official Battlestate Games Twitter profile. The note translates to the following:

Information only for top-tier fighters. Due to the intoxication ( Toxin from glass ) which was brought to us by a scav, raids are looking like a simulation of combat in more extreme conditions. Due to that, I recommend you spend 2-3 days in your hideout.

Event #2

The second pre-wipe event allows players to upgrade their hideout for the cost of a beer bottle. Judging by the first two pre-wipe events, I can feel like there is no wipe in the coming future.

  • Hideout upgrades cost beer bottles.

This might be a promotion for the upcoming Gym feature.

Event #3

Dogtags are now super valuable and may get you richer than ever.

Event #4

The fourth event pushes players to use cold weapons against each other. Melee to the bone.

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