Eversoul hits 1 million pre-registrations

Kakao Games and Nine Ark Inc. announced today that Eversoul had secured 1 million pre-registrations just a week after opening globally.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, players can reap the rewards of pre-registration! Get your hands on an Epic Soul Mica, two Limited Costumes for Seeha & Mica, and even 1,000 Everstones – it’s a prize package that you don’t want to miss out on.

Eversoul is the next highly-anticipated mobile RPG to be published by Kakao Games, and has grasped the attention of players worldwide after being showcased at major offline events such as G-STAR 2022 and AGF 2022 held in South Korea previously.

Pre-registration for Eversoul continues globally across North America, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, and other regions. Players can pre-register on

Eversoul is a mobile RPG set in a vibrant fantasy world where players adopt the role of a ‘Savior’ who has been called upon by entities known as Souls to help defeat the invading enemies and ultimately save their world.

Also featured within the game is a unique ‘relationship system’ in which, through communication and various interactions, you may romance and strengthen your bonds with the Souls you have collected.

Eversoul is slated to launch globally in January 2023 across North America, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, and more. The latest news can be found on the official website, and you can also follow Eversoul on Discord, Twitter, and YouTube.

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