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Pokemon Go How To Get Zorua December 2022

We are here, in December 2022, to talk more about the troublesome Pokemon (not its actual name!) that caused complete chaos a few weeks ago in Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon that will be taking our breath away is Zorua. You may know this Pokemon as the one that got pulled away in five minutes during the notorious Spotlight Hour on October 25th, 2022.

There is a mysterious way of catching Zorua in December 2022, and that is only if you fall for Zorua’s illusions. Just like the Freaky Friday movie, Zorua will appear on your map screen looking (and taking the form) like your Buddy. It does not matter if your set Buddy is a Shiny Pokemon, it will still take its form. If you believe your eyes, you will get an encounter with Zorua. It reminds us of one Pokemon that immediately sparks up our confidence issues (Ditto, anyone?!).

The tricky thing is that we do not know yet whether or not walking with your Buddy helps your chances of encountering Zorua, so it is best to have your Buddy with you at all times.

Zorua has its evolution, Zoroark, available in Pokemon Go. That one is a true beast if you ask us. So make sure to use your Pinap Berries to get 50 Zorua Candies to evolve Zorua into Zoroark and make it a great team companion.

Did you manage to catch Zorua? How many Zoruas do you own so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I caught Zorua the other day (Dec. 2022). My current buddy is Pancham. I saw a Pancham on the map and decided, “Eh, why nof catch another Pancham”. Next thing I know, Zorua revealed itself after being caught. 0*, but that’s alright. Still had a fun encounter with Zorua.

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