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Pokemon Go Postcards, What is Postcard? Adding Postcards and Saving Postcards

With the arrival of the fun and mysterious Pokemon named Vivillon, Pokemon Go has gotten a new feature, and that feature is Postcards.

Starting with the basics. A Postcard (Postcard Book) is an image sent to you by a friend of yours from anywhere in the world and/or collected by you from a location you have recently visited. Tapping on a Postcard will give you more information on where have you gotten it, or which Friend has sent that Postcard to you. The maximum number of saved Postcards is currently 200 Postcards.

How to get a Postcard from a place you are visiting? Postcards are a great way of saving a memory or a feeling, and in Pokemon Go, to get a Postcard from a location you visited, first, you need to tap on the Main Menu button, where you will find the Items button. Click on the Items button and search for the Gifts image in your Item Bag, and click on it. Next, tap on the gift where your preferred Postcard is, click on the Pin icon and there you have it. If you wish to remove any Postcard, click on the Pin icon.

Make sure that the Postcard is saved before you send a Gift to a Friend.

I received a Postcard. How do I save it to my profile? Exciting, your first Postcard from a Friend. Hover over to your Trainer Profile, and tap the Friends tab. Search for the Friend that gifted you a Postcard and tap the pin button if you want to save the Postcard. Be careful, if you open the Gift you can no longer save the Postcard you have been gifted.

These Postcards are very important for your Vivillon Collector Medal progress, so every Postcard you get will get you closer to obtaining every Vivillon pattern there is. Gather encounters with Scatterbug (all you need to do is to pin a Postcard) to evolve into Vivillon with a pattern specific to a region*.

*Some areas (regions) are not designated Vivillon habitat. If you do receive a gift from those areas, you will not make any progress towards the Vivillon Collector medal.

Have you received any Postcards yet? Which Vivillon pattern are you closer to getting?

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