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Pokemon Go Significant Revenue Drop in 2022

The unbelievable has happened, and that is that Pokemon Go is marking its first revenue drop since its release back in 2016.

Collected data has shown that Pokemon Go had an incredible drop in revenue in 2022, which is 430.6 million US dollars*, as compared to the one they generated in 2021, which was 887.5 million US dollars. Many said that they expected this to happen, but what is the actual reason behind this horrific revenue drop?

*Numbers as of August 30th, 2022.

Part of the comments that we have seen are saying that this is due to Niantic’s unwillingness to work with and listen to its players, while some say that this is due to the aggressive push to in-person events and raids. It is without a doubt that the boxes that came out this year have been the worst. Ridiculously expensive, and without any purpose of helping the player with the gameplay in Pokemon Go.

Bugs were failed to be fixed in time, even though there were numerous complaints, and we all remember the Zorua fiasco. It seems like Niantic doesn’t want to communicate with the Pokemon Go community. Pokemon Go would be back to its old glory if the overly done monetization is removed, right?

Oh, almost forgot to mention this: what is the deal with nerfing Incense effectiveness? That is one of the worst things Niantic has done so far, and the year isn’t over yet.

Why is this happening, what do you think? Let’s talk about this in the comments below.

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  1. I remember when they first came out they had holiday specials like on Black Friday and special codes. Having box and events for 1.99-.99 I never argued that but 7.99 hell no

    1. There are some of us that can’t always get around especially during the winter. Everything they have is constantly doing a lot of walking (or driving) some of us don’t have a vehicle so when we have weather in the lower 30’s with windchill it’s sometimes too cold to walk around in search of whatever! I think they should make it easier for us during these times. I have medical issues that the cold affects and in a lot of pain. It is impossible for me to go out walking. But their research items are basically with walking. They really need to think about this more seriously!!! We put just as much time, effort and money into this game as everyone else.

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