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Apex Legends Preload for the Celestial Sunrise Collection Update is Available

Gamers on PlayStation platforms here’s something to get excited about: The pre-load for the new Apex Legends 1.000.029 or patch 2.16 is live and brings with it all sorts of goodies! As part of the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event launching tomorrow (January 24th), you can now download this latest patch.


It’s time to bring your A-Game to the ultimate test of the Apex Games. Hardcore Royale is much like Trios, but with some fun changes that will make information sharing amongst your squad critical. Make sure to count your shots, and always keep the Ring in mind. Let’s break down what to expect when you drop.

Armor is restricted to white armor only, and can’t be upgraded through dealing damage, crafting,  or looting. While this makes it easier to take down your enemies, keep in mind you’ll be just as vulnerable. Helmets have also been removed making headshots more lethal/rewarding. Pick your fights carefully, Legend. Or it could all be over in the blink of an eye. Additional gameplay changes for Hardcore Royale are listed below.

Hardcore Royale Changes:

  • Limited HUD
  • White Armor Only
  • No Helmets
  • Armor doesn’t spawn in Deathboxes (No Armor Swapping)
  • Ring starts at max Damage

At the time of this writing, the patch notes are missing. As usual, EA is supposed to reveal the patch notes throughout today or tomorrow, so we’ll surely update this article once they come through.

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