Fortnite’s The Kid LAROI project is not related to an in-game concert

After months of anticipation, Fortnite is finally bringing the show back on. Fans were expecting a performance from none other than rapper The Kid LAROI that was speculated to rival Ariana Grande’s spectacular August 2021 concert. Unfortunately, this won’t be quite as glorious an affair but still sure to pump some energy into those long days and nights in-game.

Instead, moments ago, Epic Games revealed that the project related to The Kid Laroi’s is an “interactive experience” and not a concert. Fortnite has allowed fans to step into The Kid LAROI’s world and experience his meteoric rise firsthand. Players can explore every element of the star’s journey through an interactive Creative Island.

Get ready to escape into a world of music and fun as the creative island officially launches on January 27 at 6 PM ET! This exclusive event will debut new releases from an unknown artist, plus there’s also “Afterparty Island,” where you can keep partying. Not only that, but fans can look forward to unlocking special rewards, including Kid LAROI skins, an ICON series & a cup, in addition to quests for even more prizes.

The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams will be available in-game for a limited time — from January 27 at 6 PM ET to 6 PM ET on April 27. To jump in, select the THE KID LAROI’s WILD DREAMS tile on the Discover screen, or input the island code 2601-0606-9081. Either option will take you to “The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams” island, built in collaboration with creators Alliance Studios, Team Atomic, and TheBoyDilly, and featuring a video directed by Adrien Wagner and produced by La Pac.

Fortnite Creative Islands offer gamers a completely customizable way to play, allowing them to create unique worlds that perfectly reflect the vision they have in mind. Fortnite used to surprise the world with significant concerts headlined by top artists like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. Now, two years later, it’s trying something new – a creative island experience that sounds more like an interactive advertisement than anything else. Whether this will be able to recreate the nostalgia of those past one-time events remains unseen!

More info about the upcoming event can be found on Epic Games official website.

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