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Pokemon Go 10 Tips for Becoming a Pokemon Go Master

It has always puzzled me how to get into every nook and cranny when talking about Pokemon Go. I was asking myself constantly how do I become the Pokemon Go Master I was destined to be.

Upon further investigation, I stumbled upon several facts, which can help you (and me) to become the Pokemon Go Master you are bound to be.

The first, and the most important thing is to have Pokemon Go installed on your device (duh!). Everything is very easy after that. You just have to be willing to catch, hatch and evolve Pokemon from all around the world (and regions).

  1. As we all know, there are several types of Eggs in Pokemon Go. Ranging from 2km to 12km, you would need Incubators to hatch them. For that matter, my advice to you is to use your Incubators wisely and place only the Eggs that you need into them. There are Incubators with three uses, so you should use them for 10km Eggs, while the ∞ one for 2km Eggs. Also, pay attention to the events where the hatching distance is down to half, or reduced to a certain number. This is when the large distance Eggs should be placed into Incubators.
  2. When it comes to Pokemon, there are several factors that you should consider: evolving and powering up. While it might be confusing when to power up a Pokemon, when to evolve it and when to use it, it all comes down to XP.
  3. XP is the only test of your Trainer skills and logical skills. It is always better to first build up your XP before deciding to evolve Pokemon. Higher XP means better Pokemon hatching, more rewards and more bonuses. Plus, you will need less candy for evolving a Pokemon. To get more XP and cut down on time, you can stack up with items such as a Lucky Egg, which doubles your XP from catching, spinning, raiding and more.
  4. Evolving is a mechanic in Pokemon Go that allows Trainers to get the maximum power out of their desired Pokemon. A little bit tricky, but it is always a delight to see the beast that you have “created”. To evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need candies. These are obtained through catching the Pokemon, or through the more straightforward way: transferring Pokemon. I think that we can all agree on which method we prefer to do. If you have five Eevees that you do not really like, you can get five Eevee Candies by transferring them. All you have to do is select them, and click on the transfer button. Getting rid of weaker Pokemon makes place for more powerful Pokemon too.
  5. Before evolving a Pokemon, check if the evolved version is worth it. You have to admit, there are “useless” Pokemon and there are “useful” Pokemon. That is the harsh truth. If the evolved Pokemon is good, then you can go and evolve it, but if not, I advise you not to evolve it. Another thing, check if you already have the evolved Pokemon before clicking on the button and wasting precious Candies.
  6. To evolve a Pokemon, you need to catch it first, and how to do what if you do not have PokeBalls? Spin, raid, battle, and do everything you can to stack up PokeBalls so you can catch Pokemon without worrying about how many PokeBalls you have left in your Item Bag.
  7. Catching is easy, but when you have the AR mode on, it can be quite tricky. So what you can do is turn that pesky AR mode off. You will have more control and balance over the Pokemon, and you can calculate better where the PokeBall will land on your screen.
  8. Raids. Oh those Raids that are so sought after, the one thing that every Trainer in Pokemon Go is after. There are several Tiers, going from easy to difficult. We can all agree that the difficult ones are Mega Raids and the Five-Star Raids. You need to know your limits, so go into the Raids that you most certainly know you can win. Otherwise, you are wasting a perfectly good Raid Pass that is quite difficult to get, and you are wasting a Pokemon’s energy too. Calculate before joining a Gym battle or a Raid Battle.
  9. When engaging in a Raid Battle, see which type the Raid Boss is. This is the best way to choose the most suitable counter Pokemon to the Raid Boss, which will bring you closer to victory. For example, the best counter for a Psychic-type Pokemon is a Ghost-type Pokemon. The damage is bigger, and the time you need to defeat that Raid Boss is cut down to half.
  10. Coins, coins, coins. The golden currency in Pokemon Go is the coins. If you are not a fan of wasting real money in Pokemon Go, then the safest and fastest way to get coins is through Gyms. Placing Pokemon in multiple Gyms (and them staying there for several hours) is the best way of getting coins. The more hours a Pokemon stays in a Gym, the bigger the number of coins you will get when the Pokemon gets kicked out of the Gym.

While there are many other ways of becoming a Pokemon Go Master, these are the basic tips that will help you immensely in your Pokemon Go journey (it is what has helped me a lot too), so we hope that we made everything easier for you.

What do you think is the best trick (or tip) for becoming a Pokemon Go Master? Tell us in the comments below.

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