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Pokemon Go How to Join a Team and Win Gym Battles

There is a constant battle in the Pokemon universe on which Team is the best and has the most Gym battle victories. But how do join a team in Pokemon Go?

When you are a new Pokemon Go player, the game can become a bit confusing with all the colors, Pokemon and features. Once you reach level 5 and visit your first Gym, this is when the decision of your Pokemon Go life will happen. Which Team you will join?

There are three Teams in Pokemon Go: Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue) and Valor (red). Click on whichever Team you decide on, and from then on you will be painted in the colors of the chosen Team. If for some reason, you want to change your Team in the future, you can purchase a Team Medallion in the in-game Shop ( this item can be purchased once a year) which will bring you to the choosing screen on your phone.

Since there are three Teams, the battle to control a Gym is fierce. You need to be in top form to win a Gym battle. Using the best Pokemon is a guaranteed win too.

To win a Gym Battle, first, you need to choose six Pokemon. The best advice from us is to find out the opposing Team’s Gym defender types(they are already placed there defending the Gym) and choose the best counter-type Pokemon. This will deal more damage, and you will defeat the opposing Pokemon faster. Send off your Pokemon with the greatest CP level.

Practice your dodging skills. If you are fast enough, you can dodge an attack and not get any damage. This is done by swiping left or right on your screen with your finger. To deal even bigger damage, use your Pokemon’s special attack once its bar is filled up (the blue bar under the CP bar).

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