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Pokemon Go Players Need 2,250 Scatterbug Candy, More Than 5,200 Gifts, and Over 2 Months to Get All Vivillon Patterns

Vivillon is a very interesting creature in the Pokemon Go world, especially since some of its patterns have become quite hard to find. There are many patterns of Vivillon, 18 total, and you need a lot of candy to even evolve them. But how much time and gifts do you actually need? Well, the numbers are as follows 2,250 Scatterbug Candy, 5211 Gifts, and over 2 months to get all Vivillon patterns. Getting all Vivillon forms takes a lot of time, so don’t stress about not getting a new form every day – you should take your time and enjoy it while grinding.

According to a recent analysis, you will need more than you probably think. Just walking with Scatterbug will not do the job, so you will need to use alternative ways of getting Scatterbug candies to evolve every Vivillon pattern available in Pokemon Go. A hard-working Reddit user going by the name u/sageshadows7 has done the math, and you will need approximately 2214 Scatterbug Candy to evolve the 18 Vivillon patterns available in Pokemon Go. This is the evolution math right here. However, if you use a Pinap Berry you will be getting a bigger amount of candies, and for a lesser period of time.

Now, if you go with the catch-only method, you will need a whooping 5226 gift and over two months to get Scatterbug candies if you want to only catch it.

These numbers look big, and they are, but this is just the summarized version of the explanation, and if you want to see the full analysis, please check it out below.

How many gifts do you need to pin for getting enough candies to evolve all 18 Vivillon patterns? from TheSilphRoad

Now, as you can see, there are ways of speeding up the process, you can walk with Scatterbug, you can add more people to pin more gifts, or you can put Scatterbug to defend a gym and feed them berries so that they can bring you back candies.

How does this sound to you? Is it possible? Tell us in the comments below.

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