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Pokemon Go What’s The Rarest Vivillon?

Vivillon is one of the most unique Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, and ever since its launch, along with its 18 forms, Trainers went into a frenzy to get each and every Vivillon form available on the horizon. But nothing is as easy as it looks.

Eevee’s rarest evolution can probably be either Leafeon or Glaceon (based on our own experience), that is if you go the normal way through random evolutions. Just like every Pokemon has a form that is rare to get, Vivillion is no different too. Out of all 18 forms available in Pokemon Go, one or two forms must be the rarest and hardest to get. But which forms are they?

After extensive research, reading comments and opinions, we can safely say, and we hope that the Pokemon Go community can back us up on this, that the rarest Vivillon forms are Sandstorm and Sun. These repeated a lot throughout the Pokemon Go community.

The Sun Pattern of Vivillon can be found in Latin America and the Northern Territory of Australia. The other form, named Sandstorm, has found its place in the Middle East.

“Due to language barriers I’d argue that Sandstorm is the hardest region to get” – is what some Trainers say to be the reason that the Sandstorm Vivillon pattern is so rare and hard to get.  Others say that there are not many Trainers that are playing Pokemon Go. Whatever the reason is it does not matter, all that matters is that most Trainers are missing the Sandstorm and Sun Vivillon patterns.

“Sun was the one I had trouble with”

In total, there are 20 Vivillon patterns in the Pokemon world, but so far we have 18 Vivillon patterns in Pokemon Go. The patterns that are missing at this moment are Pokeball and Fancy. Technically these ones are the rarest because no one has them yet.

Which Vivillon pattern was the hardest for you to get? Which ones you still do not have?

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  1. Technically the first pattern that is currently missing is called “Pokeball” not “Pokemon”. But the rest of this is true. The more rare patterns (not including the two missing currently, Pokeball and Fancy) are typically Sandstorm, Sun, and Ocean. It’s extremely difficult to find those 3. Good luck finding a few people online willing to trade for them. It took me a month to get enough.

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