Apex Legends Revelry Update Preload is now available on PlayStation

Tomorrow, players on both PS4 and PS5 can make sure they’re ready for the sizzling arrival of Apex Legends Season 16 – “Revelry“. Respawn Entertainment released a patch preload today to get gamers set up. Although it’s not playable until tomorrow, this download will ensure you’re ahead of the game when Revelry officially drops.

The preload size for this update is 24GB on PS5 and 43GB on PS4.

From remastered legend classes with new and different class perks to firing range updates, this update is breezing with content. Apex Legends has revealed the Revelry patch notes, introducing a bunch of class perks and changes to the game. Respawn Entertainment has also revealed the Battle Pass trailer, showcasing some of the extra juicy cosmetics and rewards.

Earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment provided both the Revelry Battle Pass and Season 16 gameplay trailer, revealing some of the rewards and cosmetics arriving with the start of Season 16. You can find them below:

If you’re interested in seeing the changes, you can head over to our Revelry patch notes article.

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