Atomic Heart will have 42 unique Trophies

3 Gold, 8 SIlver and 30 Bronze trophies.

After months of anticipation, Atomic Heart is about to launch very soon. As the highly-anticipated first-person shooter enters its final countdown before players can get their hands on it, Mundfish released details on all 42 Trophies and Achievements awaiting daring adventurers.

Thanks to Exophase, we now know all of them. Players can progress in the story and enjoy an array of optional activities and collectibles to earn unique Trophies. From testing grounds and challenging routines that must be completed successfully to seeking out hidden items throughout the game world – the possibilities for victory awards abound.

Three Gold trophies will reward those who master every challenge presented in this action RPG, while eight Silver rewards offer a mid-tier level of success for brave explorers. Don’t forget the 30 Bronze awards for any challengers who dare take Atomic Heart head-on.

Get ready to blast your way through Atomic Heart’s stunning world, coming February 21st for next-gen and current-gen consoles, as well as PC. The game will render an incredible 4K experience with a silky smooth FPS of 60 on all supported platforms, minus ray tracing capabilities initially.

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