Battlefield 2042 is getting a new specialist in Season 4, new weapons and more

The final specialist is on its way to Battlefield 2042, and will definitely stir things up.

On February 28th, Battlefield 2042 players will enter an explosive battleground with new maps, weapons, and gadgets crafted by developer DICE. Discover the unique abilities of their latest addition, a new Recon-class Specialist Camila Blasco, as well as incredible vault weapons from previous games such as Battlefield 3. Eleventh Hour is just around the corner; we’re here to escort it.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Details

With Battlefield 2042’s season 4 update, Recon players can access Blasco and her incredible X6 Infiltration Device. This fantastic tool allows squads to approach enemies undetected by motion-based tech while also preventing hostile lock-ons and interference with active spotting technology in its range until destroyed or deactivated – plus, it reveals enemy tech nearby too!

As the sun sets upon Battlefield 2042’s season 4, DICE unveils a new battleground: Flashpoint. Set in an abandoned development complex of once-lush South African wildernesses, this close-quarters combat map is rife with weapons and vehicles to support intimate battle encounters – all centered around one key location…the power reactor core.

New weapons coming in Battlefield 2042 season 4

  • Super 500 Shotgun sidearm, used for breaching and close-quarter combat
  • RPT-31 LMG, used as a heavy hitter against enemy forces
  • RM68 Assault Rifle, useful for stealth approach thanks to its integrated silencer
  • AC9 SMG, which is a lightweight submachine gun

New Vault Weapons coming to Battlefield Portal

  • SVD, a sniper rifle coming from Battlefield 3.
  • Type 88 LMG, coming from Battlefield 3.

Unlock the future of warfare with Season 4’s Battle Pass for Battlefield 2042. Outfit your troops with a cutting-edge CAV-Brawler Armored Vehicle, equipped with a unique detection pulse to sniff out nearby enemies. Up their firepower even further and equip them with an SPH Explosive Launcher capable of attaching bombs that detonate after a short delay, it will be all yours when you unlock this season’s battle pass rewards!

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