Cinematic Trailer for WILD HEARTS reveal epic battles with powerful creatures

Adventure beckons as the new cinematic trailer for WILD HEARTS reveal an epic battle between powerful creatures, with Earthbreaker Kemono at its center. This thrilling glimpse of a grand story promises to captivate hearts and minds, and we’re here for it.

Take a journey with Koei Tecmo and EA Originals to the mysterious village of Minato, where it’s up to you – as one brave Hunter – to face off against an evil force known only as the Kemono. WILD HEARTS is sure to be an action-packed RPG adventure, and their recently released trailer below proves it.

Kemono is a mysterious species showcased in the game, but Earthbreaker claims the spotlight with its indestructible rock-like exterior. This formidable beast will surely be an exciting challenge for hunters as they search for vulnerable spots and aim strikes at one precise point on its head.

WILD HEARTS is arriving soon! This exciting game brings many amazing assets, from the destructive Earthbreaker to creative Karakuri tools. Explore various regions and let your wildest adventure begin February 17th on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC – or jump into action early with EA Play Pro & Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions starting February 13th.

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