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DayZ 1.20 stability update is now available, Patch Notes and more

There's a lot more to come in the near future, such as better zombies,

DayZ has received a new stability update titled 1.20 (1.20.155766), the first one of 2023. The update has arrived today, which tackles various issues and addresses all the feedback received during the experimental phase throughout the last year.

Update 1.20 may not have had much in the way of new content, but don’t let that fool you. This update packs a vast range of fixes and tweaks to your favorite game – including vehicle updates, an ADS bug fix, connection indicators for better communication with friends, and improved third-person camera angles.

As a celebration of the update, Bohemia Interactive has released a new Update teaser introducing some of the changes via video material.

With the upcoming updates to DayZ, there is potential for something bigger and better than ever before. As we explore all sorts of possibilities, from the game mechanics to fresh ways of interacting with the brand, expect some groundbreaking new content in future releases. Bohemia Interactive has just begun delving into multiple ideas, such as weapons tweaks or bug fixes that will enhance your gaming experience even further.

What’s been revealed so far?

Character cosmetics will play a huge role in every update this year. We’d like to grow what is already a massive collection by increasing the variety of loot to be found and offering even more amazing clothes to wear. Don’t expect us to follow other popular games with an abundant amount of pink skins. Think backpacks and survival themes and outfits that exemplify the DayZ brand.

Another element we intend to update later this year is the iconic northwest airfield (NWAF) on Chernarus. Our primary focus will be to simplify the airfield’s layout and make the runway and taxiways more authentic. Obviously a change to this location is a substantial project and will require synchronization with a total server wipe.

We also plan on focusing more on infected AI this year. We’d like to change the way they move through the environment, as well as how you battle them. There are a number of factors regarding this subject that require further investigation, so we can’t share much more info with you at present. But suffice it to say that the changes we’re considering have great potential to change the PvE aspect of the game for the better.


The update is available both on PC and consoles, and its patch notes can be found below:

PC Stable 1.20 Update 1 – Version 1.20.155766 (Released on 14.02.2023)


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Mime masks
  • Carnival masks
  • Warning icons for the connection stability and server performance



  • Vehicles can spawn without wheels again
  • Wheels can again be damaged
  • Reduced the eye zoom distance while sprinting
  • Reworked item weight calculation (fixing several bugged item weights)
  • Item wetness now influences their weight again
  • Weight of the carried gear now impacts player movement inertia
  • Increased the time needed to refill the car radiator
  • Checking a player’s pulse is now a continuous action
  • Increased the lifetime of improvised explosives to 5 days, which can be refreshed through a flagpole
  • The stairs of the concrete silos are now usable to access the roof
  • Adjusted the geometry of barrels and fireplaces to cause less issues when colliding with vehicles
  • Improved the surface detection for throwing impact sounds
  • Optimized the character update to environmental exposure
  • Lowered the hit points of improvised feet covers and gave them louder walking sounds ( – private)
  • Positional wind and tree creaks are more audible now
  • Tweaked the 3rd person camera collisions to reduce possibilities of exploits
  • The 3rd person camera zooms in when an obstacle is in front of the camera
  • Disconnect due to a server restart will no longer kill restrained players
  • Updated map textures to reflect recent map changes (
  • You can now stealth-kill with the Cleaver
  • Replaced outdated dirt pile model
  • Updated textures on static pipes
  • Updated sounds for the different stages of cooking for more variety
  • Slightly increased the volume of the stealth kill
  • Improved the sun reflection on water and changed its color in quarries
  • Skinned animals now yield more pieces of meat


  • Fixed: Green and black plate carrier vests and their attachments did not have their intended lifetimes (
  • Tweaked: Increased chance for random positional bird, insect and tree creak sound to play
  • Tweaked: Increased audibility of the positional bird sounds during windy weather
  • Changed: Adjusted player spawn points for more even distribution
  • Added: Artwork of the winner of the GraffitiZ contest
  • Added: New props to the Dambog ammunition storage
  • Fixed: The Brena Health Care Center was not spawning paramedic infected (
  • FixedPolice cars were not spawning loot


  • Added: Server config parameters for connectivity warnings (Documentation)
  • Added: Gameplay JSON version mismatch and default value handling
  • Added: Parameter to gameplay config (JSON), that allows people to disable the behavior of influence of stamina to inertia (Documentation to be updated soon)
  • Added: Parameters to gameplay config (JSON) that allows control over variety of stamina consumers (combat, climbing,..) (Documentation to be updated soon)
  • Added: Launch parameter “storage” to define root folder for storage location (“-storage=”) (Documentation)
  • Added: Functionality which will copy over storage when a storage exists in default location (mission) but not in the custom location provided by the storage launch parameter
  • Added: Warning when DE spawns an entity with no Types entry
  • Fixed: Sawedoff18 was missing from types
  • Fixed: Deleting events.bin but not vehicles.bin would cause events composed of eventgroups to have the possibility to spawn inside each other
  • Changed: Improved error messages and error handling regarding storage location
  • Changed: Adjusted ping calculation to be more forgiving with individual spikes before kicking a player


  • Added: DiagMenu script API
  • Added: Variety of new debug settings within the script section of the DiagMenu
  • Added: ScriptCaller, a stricter ScriptInvoker which is expected to hold one func
  • Added: DayZPlayer.GetKickOffReason to get the reason why a player was kicked off
  • Added: ‘EntityAI.IsSimpleHiddenSelectionVisible’
  • Added: Common script class ‘DayZCreatureAIInputController’ to control Animals and Infected movement and behaviour states
  • Added: Script method ‘InventoryItem::ForceFarBubble’ to allow items to temporarily be visible from further distances
  • Added: Added physics function ‘dGetInteractionLayer’ to check if two ‘PhxInteractionLayers’ can interact
  • Added: Collision overlap testing methods to DayZPhysics
  • Added: “$storage:” prefix can now be used to access storage through script
  • Added: Common script class ‘DayZCreatureAIInputController’ to control Animals and Infected movement and behaviour states (
  • Added: Launch parameter for diag exe to allow window resizing ‘-resizeable’
  • Added: weightPerQuantityUnit config parameter that defines a weight of one quantity unit
  • Added: ‘Human.PhysicsEnableGravity’ for enabling/disabling gravity
  • Added: ‘dBodyIsSolid’ (and ‘Human.PhysicsIsSolid’) for checking if the entity has collision enabled
  • Added: ‘dBodySetSolid (and ‘Human.PhysicsSetSolid’) for enabling/disabling the collision checking of an entity
  • Added: Command line parameter ‘-scrDef’ to enable modding defines in script in Workbench/Diag executables
  • Added: Command Line option ‘-newErrorsAreWarnings’ to Diag/Workbench executables
  • Fixed: Buldozer crashing after selecting an object which was deleted and restored (
  • Fixed: Base game script defines weren’t available in ‘engine’ and ‘gameLib’ script modules (
  • Fixed: Character influences the wheel simulation of a vehicle (
  • Fixed: On Diag exe, when one player’s hands got b*****, all nearby player’s hands would as well
  • Fixed: Conflicting synchronization of entity hierarchy with ‘IEntity.AddChild’ and ‘Human.LinkToLocalSpaceOf’
  • Fixed: ‘CollisionOverlapCallback’ destructor wasn’t being called
  • Fixed: Docs: string.Split bad usage example (
  • Fixed: Docs: string.ToAscii bad script declaration and typo in example (
  • Fixed: Function string.LastIndexOf was not linked (
  • Fixed: Object::SetHealth could not be called on local objects (
  • Fixed: Crash in TextListboxWidget::GetItemData (
  • Fixed: ScriptCallQueue.GetRemainingTime(…) methods
  • Fixed: HumanInputController.OverrideAimChangeY was incorrectly using values from HumanInputController.OverrideAimChangeX (
  • Fixed: DayZPhysics.RayCastBullet and DayZPhysics.SphereCastBullet would not pass the ‘hitObject’ (
  • Fixed: ScriptCallQueue stopped working correctly after 4-5 hours of uptime (
  • Fixed: Scripted command method ‘PrePhys_IsTag’ would not work in the intended way (
  • Changed: Moved and renamed certain RPCs relating to Diags to prevent conflicts and usage outside of Diag
  • Changed: ScriptInvoker now has additional flags and documentation
  • Changed: New compile errors will be displayed as Warnings outside of Diag/Workbench to minimize impact on existing mods
  • Changed: New compile Errors being displayed as Warnings will contain the text “FIX-ME” to signal the importance of fixing these
  • Changed: Improved func reliability and error messages
  • Changed: “Overriding function but not marked as override” has been changed from being a “Workbench-only warning” to an error in Workbench/Diag and Warning in regular exe
  • Changed: Weapon chamber and internal magazine changes now also trigger EntityAI.EEAmmoChanged
  • Changed: Weapon and magazine textures now contain the bullet for better optimization
  • Tweaked: Widget::GetRotation exposed
  • Tweaked: return type of ActionBase::IsEat (
  • Removed: Incorrect usage of ‘func’ by NotificationSystem as it is only meant to be paired with proto functions, will unfortunately break compatibility with mods using the removed Bind and Unbind functions
  • Removed: Calling of super of Engine events (


  • The character might shake when close to doors
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  1. Fix the car from glitching and freezing all the time you drive a little ways and it freezes and you most of the time you die

  2. Fix your game, seriously. I pay for a bunch of nitrado servers. Lately, I’m losing players. I also noticed that other servers have less people playing even during peak hours. I’m not going to dig up every issue with the game because you are aware of the issues. Cars have been broken since they were released. You do not listen to your customers at all. You brought back car damage when you haven’t even finished fixing them. For a game that’s been out for 10 years in 7 more months, this game is a JOKE. The game is going in the right direction but been driving down so many back alleys and taking uturns that it’s going to take many more years to reach your destination. We really don’t need more content. We need things to work, and while you have fixed a plethora of bugs, some even game breaking, we really need the cars, trucks, helis, etc. We are tired of playing running simulator. In the time it has taken you to get this far, I studied math, physics, anatomy, learned to code, draw, render, compose audio and build my own game. My physics, including vehicle physics have hardly any issues, to top it off, I built the entire client and server framework myself in 3 years by myself, no third party software. Your studio could learn something from me. Dean and Eugen aren’t doing their jobs because if they were this game would be nearly complete and polished. I really hate to come off like this but you need to hear it like this.

    ~ a very disappointed customer


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