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Final Fantasy 14 February 9 Update Notes Revealed, Anti RMT measures taken

Real money trading activities disorient the balance of every game, and Final Fantasy 14 has been suffering from the same illicit activities for a while now. On February 9, the developers revealed that they have taken actions against in-game RMT to fulfill the game’s Terms of Service, resulting in tons of account bans.

Anti RMT Measures

Real money trading (RMT) and other illicit activities upset the balance of the game and, as such, are prohibited under the Terms of Service.

Because we have confirmed the existence of players who are engaging in these illicit activities, we have taken the actions listed below.

Time Period: Feb. 2, 2023 to Feb. 8, 2023

  • Participation in RMT/prohibited activities
    • Accounts terminated: 1,774
    • Accounts temporarily suspended: 101
  • RMT advertising
    • Accounts terminated: 12,662

As for the February 9th patch notes, this is what’s been noted on the official forums:

FF XIV February 9th Patch Notes

  • The key item in the quest Unholy Matrimony could not be used, thus prevented the quest from progressing.
  • In cutscene of the quest The Journey Continues, the facial expression of the NPC Seto was incorrect.
  • In the workshop of Island Sanctuary, the handicrafts might not be displayed correctly when the schedule is sorted by time required.
  • In the workshop of Island Sanctuary, Supply & Demand were sometimes displaying contents from the previous cycle.
  • In Island Sanctuary, the client might crash when talking to the NPC creature comforter.
  • The recast timers might not be displayed correctly for job actions with unique recast times, such as the Ninja PvE actions Ten and Chi.
  • The effects for the action Heavy Swing might not be displayed correctly when performed with Manderville axe equipped.
  • For the weapons that could be obtained from The Omega Protocol (Ultimate), the icons for the Arcanist/Summoner weapon and the Scholar weapon were switched.
  • In Mount Ordeals and Mount Ordeals (Extreme), the background graphics might not be displayed correctly when restarting under certain conditions.
  • In The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain, the target circle might not be displayed when targeting the worm’s heart, prevented players from performing melee physical attacks.
  • In The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach, when the server was experiencing a high load, the boss would sometimes disappear under certain conditions making it impossible to progress.
  • The graphics for Gaia’s Attire was not displayed correctly.
    • The fix will allow the character’s skin color to show through a section of the equipment. Under certain conditions the affected sections would not be displayed.
  • When male Au Ra equip the following gear, the graphics displayed are smaller.
    • Edenchoir Earrings of Fending/Edenchoir Earrings of Slaying/
    • Edenchoir Earrings of Aiming/Edenchoir Earrings of Healing/
    • Edenchoir Earrings of Casting/Edencall Earrings of Fending/
    • Edencall Earrings of Slaying/Edencall Earrings of Aiming/
    • Edencall Earrings of Healing/Edencall Earrings of Casting
  • When editing portraits, portraits for gear sets equipped with high-quality items could not be applied to adventurer plates.
  • When editing portraits, if the class/job of the gear set and the class/job of the associated glamour plate are different, the glamour information for the portrait would not be reflected.
  • Under certain conditions, the favorites registered in the mount guide and minion guide may disappear.
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