Gran Turismo 7’s February 21st Update will add PSVR2 Support

Polyphony Digital is launching the exciting Gran Turismo 7 PSVR2 update for free on February 21. Just in time to rev up your PlayStation 5 racing experience with top-notch virtual reality support!

On February 21, Gran Turismo 7 will be upgraded to support PlayStation’s cutting-edge virtual reality headset PSVR2. Players can look forward to an immersive driving experience as they race tracks in ultra-high resolution 4K VR and explore a ‘VR Showroom’ laden with the eye-catching detail of their cars from the Garage or car dealerships.

Free PS VR2 Upgrade Coming to GT7! Experience a Whole New Level of Immersive Gameplay

We are pleased to announce that the PlayStation®5 version of ‘Gran Turismo 7’ will receive full PlayStation®VR2 support through Update 1.29, releasing on 21 February. With this free upgrade, players will be able to experience all the races and game modes (excluding ‘2P Split Screen’ mode) with a whole new level of realism. PS VR2 players will also be able to access an exclusive ‘VR Showroom’ area from their ‘Garage’ or the in-game car dealerships where they can admire all the stunning details of the ultra high-definition car models in a variety of locations and lighting settings.

GT7 takes full advantage of PS VR2’s next-gen features. Utilising specially optimised HDR tone mapping, as well as foveated rendering from the eye-tracking feature (a technology that renders areas of the screen that the player is directly looking at in high definition), and dynamic 3D audio support, players will experience a whole new dimension of highly immersive gameplay.

Take your Gran Turismo 7 experience to new heights with PS VR2.

A new level of driving immersion

PS VR2 adds a whole new level of realism to the driving experience. Enjoy taking part in races driving vehicles that now feel truly real.

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