Have you been to a GameStop lately? It’s ToyStop now

A lot of companies have been faced with a lot of problems, but many rise above them. However, not many can endure the pressure, so this is when customer disappointment comes on stage.

GameStop is a company that many know as their safe space. In recent years, or months, GameStop went from being the largest retail gaming store to a store that is close to destruction. We are not surprised, and we know that you are not too. GameStop has been the source of “gossip” since their strange 2021 annual report.

GameStop’s problems have arisen again, and this time is due to an employee, a manager to be exact, on how working at GameStop looks like. In a TikTok video Red (@redsonjattv) shared with the public that “everything is on clearance” and “no one comes in anymore”.

A series of layoffs, big changes, and closing distribution centers have changed the public’s perception of GameStop. Others have shared that GameStop is not what it used to be back in the day, while others say that GameStop has its prices so high that no one wants to buy something that can be found at a cheaper price at other retailers.

Rather than focusing on customers and their wishes, the company has now opted to search for more profitability, which may mark GameStop’s downfall. We hope that this is not true though.

“Corporate has slowly killed this company over the years beginning with the purchase of ThinkGeek and the forcing of phone trades,” – is what Red shared.

“However, I refuse to lie to customers and tell them they need to have xyz or tell them they need to have the membership card to get price-matching. I would much rather have a happy return customer rather than nickel-and-dime them.”

What do you think about this? Do you agree with these opinions?

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