Hogwarts Legacy sells 12 million units in just 2 weeks

The initial sales figures for Hogwarts Legacy have been released and exceeded expectations. Although a Harry Potter AAA RPG was expected to be popular, the sales of Hogwarts Legacy have been exceptionally strong for Warner Bros.

It’s not uncommon for highly anticipated games to sell a significant number of units shortly after release, primarily if they are based on popular franchises like the Harry Potter series. Nonetheless, the actual sales figures of the game are subject to many factors, including its quality, reception by players, marketing, and competition in the market. With that said, it was somewhat expected to see this happening, especially since the entertainment software provided by Avalanche is flawless.

It is difficult to overemphasize the impressive achievement of the development team at Avalanche, which has primarily focused on creating licensed Disney games over the past two decades, including their most recent project, Cars 3. However, they expanded their team and rose to the challenge of creating a megahit in Hogwarts Legacy.

Cyberpunk 2077 sold 13.9 million copies within its first three weeks after launch. But hold your horses because Hogwarts Legacy has the potential to not only surpass that number but also to have a much longer-lasting appeal. Unlike Cyberpunk, which faced a wave of negative reviews due to its technical issues, Hogwarts Legacy has the potential to enjoy a much healthier and longer lifespan, given the loyal and passionate Harry Potter fanbase.

The future of Hogwarts Legacy beyond its initial release is uncertain, and Avalanche has indicated that there are no current plans for downloadable content (DLC). However, this could change as the game garners success and fan interest. As we have seen with other popular games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring, DLC can play a major role in extending a game’s lifespan and keeping players engaged. And while it may be some time before a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy is released, it’s clear that the game has already won over many fans and is poised to impact the gaming world. Only time will tell what lies in store for this magical adventure, but one thing is for certain – the legacy of Hogwarts will continue to captivate and inspire players for years to come.

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