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How to Stack Super Rocket Radars in Pokemon Go?

Since the dawn of time, it has been a great wish of all Pokemon Go Trainers to find a way to stack up Super Rocket Radars. In a thread, “Guide: How to Stack Super Rocket Radars,” adle1984 reveals simple steps about how to multiple Team Go Rocket Special Research, and trust me, you’re all going to love this.

A Reddit user going by the name u/adle1984 has shared some valuable info with the Pokemon Go community, and it is about Super Rocket Radars. The path to finding Giovanni is hard, you have to go through many Special Research tasks, and defeat many grunts and Leaders.

Sometimes, you can get a Super Rocket Radar as a reward for completing some tasks. This item, like any other, can be equipped and unequipped. But do not be fooled, the Super Rocket Radar does not give you an immediate encounter with Giovanni.

Now, back to the main point. The Reddit user has told us a little secret on how to have multiple Team Go Rocket Special Researches. The key is to stay on the first page of the Special Research, which should give you the ability to claim the next Team Go Rocket Special Research. You must leave at least one unclaimed reward in order for this to work. This is to trick the system to think that you haven’t started yet with the Special Research.

If you went to page 2, this trick will not work for you.

Now, we all know that Team Go Rocket Special Researches give you a Super Rocket Radar. So to stack these up, simply stack up with Team Go Rocket Special Researches. Keep them on page one until you think you have enough, and then go and finish them. After that, you will have a stack of Super Rocket Radars in your Item Bag at your disposal.

Guide: How to Stack Super Rocket Radars [Updated] with more pictures and words from TheSilphRoad

Also, Poke Daxi shared a video about how to stack Super Rocket Radars, and we suggest checking it out below.

These are great ways to get you extra Super Rocket Radars in Pokemon Go, so make sure to follow the steps. Let us know if you find this useful.

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