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Pokemon Go Players Plan to Sabotage Go Tour Hoenn Las Vegas or They (Niantic) Lack Awareness?

Trainers, the Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn Las Vegas is underway and there are a lot of issues reported by the attendees. Players can’t login because of poor Wi-Fi connection, some can’t access a Primal Raid, and it’s embarrassing.

Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn Las Vegas participants are not enjoying the live event and say the event is a complete waste of time. Wi-Fi connections are poor, players say they can only do one Raid per hour, and it’s very stressful. Now, Niantic and Pokemon Go are familiar with the poor connection and asked non-ticket holders to refrain from joining the park today so ticket holders can enjoy the bonuses.

Now, we are receiving information that some Pokemon Go players, who are not ticket holders, made a plan in advance (a month ago) to sabotage the experience for ticket holders.

Here are some of the comments:

Las Vegas Pokemon Go community is so toxic. They planned to sabotage the event, and it’s not cool at all.”

They won’t be buying tickets, they just want other players to have a miserable experience.”

They are just standing outside the park and messing with the cell service. That’s why the connection is so poor.

We paid for this event, and for the Sunday Extra Day Add-On. The cell service is there, and to be honest more people are standing and playing outside the park, than inside. I know we don’t have the same bonuses, but when thousands of people are connected at the same time, the service goes down.

Please have in mind that these are comments from Pokemon Go players, and members of specific Pokemon Go groups/chats.

Also, we have information regarding the capacity. The park has a capacity of 15,000 people. Niantic and Pokemon Go sold 50,000 tickets, which means 25,000 the first day, and 25,000 players the next day. That’s 10,000 people over the limit per day, which says a lot about their organization.

Did some players plan to sabotage the event? Or maybe Niantic and Pokemon Go overestimated themselves? What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. The buck stops with the Niantic. If they are collecting money for the event it is their job to makw sure the event runs smoothly no matter what is thrown at them. Poor planning by Niantic.

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