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Pokemon Go Remote Raids Update: Six Remote Raids Per Day Limit and Prices on the Rise

Trainers, a new leak suggests that Niantic and Pokemon Go will indeed nerf the Remote Raids, and place a limit on how many Remote Raids a player can do per day.

Just yesterday we shared an article regarding the possible Remote Raid nerf, and it looks like they are really going to limit the Remote Raids per day. The new leak, thanks to the miners, says that the begging of the new Season of Pokemon Go will bring a lot of changes to the game. One of these changes is the Remote Raid nerf. The other change is the increase in the prices of Remote Raid Passes. Yes, that’s right, the prices will change starting from March 1, 2023,

According to the leak, Pokemon Go players will be able to do only 6 Remote Raids per day, at 150 PokeCoins.

Things can’t get any worse from this point. We really hope these leaks will not come true, so we can all enjoy the game once again.

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Dejan Kacurov

Hello everyone! My name is Dejan, but you can call me Mr.D. I enjoy all video games, especially Apex Legends, Pokemon Go, and Spider-Man. A husband and father of two who also goes to the gym often and does Crossfit. I got inspiration for gaming exactly 8 years ago, and I've been writing gaming news for 7 years. I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions regarding gaming on our site. Stay healthy, and love each other!


  1. After the insanity of female Salandit, I said I wouldn’t be using my coins on any more boxes to buy incubators. And I went to using remote raid passes sparingly. Additionally, not keeping master classic or master premier classic is a stupid move to keep newer players from playing 1/3 of pvp without making an insane time investment to get xl candies, regardless if they drop more now. They couldn’t even think of anything creative to do with pvp.

    Looks like I’m gonna find more reasons to not play the game. I’ll use my one free pass a day and sit at my house that has a gym next to it.

    Niantic needs to grow a pair and play their own game, and make some fun changes, and quit taking from their community. We lost plenty during the pandemic outside of the game and none of us need the game to go through its own pandemic of bad decisions.

  2. I really hope this doesn’t happen. Hearing about this and seeing that they are selling shiny pokemon (guranteed shiny Jirachi), I can’t help but feel they are hoping to frustrate their player base so that they are happy to pay for shiny pokemon. That defeats the purpose of rarity and I would hate to see them selling more shiny pokemon. I sincerely hope people do not just allow something like this to happen. Why would I want a shiny pokemon if I can’t have the bragging rights of obtaining one over my friends? Not only that, I can’t believe they dumbed down the price for a legendary pokemon to just $5. Not only will they be making remote raids more expensive, they are limiting the amount of attempts you have to receive a shiny and are now selling them. At this rate, there will be no joy in having shiny pokemon.

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