Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Balloons Schedule (February 2023)

Team Go Rocket is starting to appear again, and they will be seen in balloons and PokeStops more often in Pokemon Go.

The real question is how often will the balloons appear in the Pokemon Go sky, especially during the Team Go Rocket takeover event. But fear not, we know everything there needs to be known.

Team Go Rocket PokeStop changes colors and turns either a darker blue (while spinning it) or black with red accents. As with balloons, they appear on the map as floating items. Once you engage in a battle, you will be going up against Shadow Pokemon. However, if you defeat a Team Go Rocket member, you will be rewarded with a Shadow Pokemon encounter.

As far as we know, each Shadow Pokemon has roughly a 5% chance of being caught. This may be due to being more often the attacker rather than the one that is being attacked. A pretty low chance might we add.

Now, let’s see how often are Team Rocket balloons appearing during the event. Team Go Rocket balloons spawn every three hours during the Team Go Rocket takeover event. Here is the schedule.

Team Go Rocket Balloons Schedule

  • 12 AM-3 AM
  • 3 AM-6 AM
  • 6 AM-9 AM
  • 9 AM-12 PM
  • 12 PM-3 PM
  • 3 PM-6 PM
  • 6 PM-9 PM
  • 9 PM-12 AM

That means that you can encounter eight Team Go Rocket balloons per day. Please have in mind that the normal spawn rate is one balloon every six hours.

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