Pokemon Sleep releases this summer, introduction video and more

The time to experience a new way of interacting with your favorite Pokemon arrives slowly. This summer, The Pokémon Company will launch the highly-anticipated Pokemon Sleep, encouraging players to embrace and use their slumber time as an entertaining adventure. Excitement levels rose even higher when fresh gameplay was revealed at Monday’s Pokemon Presents Showcase.

Powered by the adorable disc-shaped Pokeball, Nintendo’s latest device, the Pokemon Go Plus Plus – brings bedtime to a whole new level. Rest your head and press one button on this first-of-its-kind tech gadget, then wake up energized as Pikachu sings you lovely lullabies while providing you with alarms when needed. “The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning.

Get more ZZZs while playing Pokémon Sleep. In this ground-breaking app, you get rewarded for logging quality sleep and can look forward to sweet dreams of catching your favorite pocket monster every night! Tsunekazu Ishihara, The Pokemon Company’s CEO, exclaimed that the game was designed so players would eagerly wake up each morning – now, who wouldn’t want that?

The Pokemon Company wants you to have the best sleep possible. Your sleeping patterns will be tracked and analyzed, helping unlock various types of sleepy Pokemon. Doze, snooze, or slumber; everything will be recorded and analyzed.

The official Introduction video is posted below:

Players can explore a captivating new island with Professor Neroli and discover unique Pokemon all in their dreams! On this incredible journey, Snorlax will be present as well – who knows what other creatures can join him? Come find out by catching Pokémons while you sleep. Who knew dreaming could get so exciting?!

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