Sons of the Forest” Early Access Launch Draws Over 350,000 Concurrent Players

Endnight Games’ newly released game Sons of the Forest has become an instant hit among players on PC, available through Steam Early Access. In its first 24 hours, the game has recorded a peak concurrent player total of 350,105, a remarkable accomplishment for a game in early access. This far exceeds the peak concurrent player count of Endnight Games’ previous title, The Forest, which recorded a total of 76,226 players at its all-time peak in October 2022. This is an impressive feat for the developers and speaks to the sequel’s popularity and anticipation.

In “Sons of the Forest,” players find themselves on a mysterious island surrounded by cannibals and mutants. To locate a vanished billionaire, they must scavenge, build, and craft to protect themselves from the aggressive wildlife and inhabitants. The sequel brings many changes and improvements, including upgraded building mechanics, busy seasons, new items, and the addition of AI Companions. Additionally, the game offers multiplayer capabilities for up to eight players to band together and survive the island’s many dangers.

After receiving positive feedback for the original game, Endnight Games has decided to release “Sons of the Forest” through early access to continue shaping and improving the sequel based on player feedback. The developers plan to dedicate six to eight months to fine-tuning the game’s mechanics and features. Still, the team is committed to delivering the best possible version of the game before leaving early access. Fans of the game can look forward to new buildings, mechanics, items, lore, and other exciting additions as they explore the mysterious island teeming with danger.

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