Spectacles like the legendary Kemono turf wars will be a rare occasion in WILD HEARTS

Koei Tecmo’s WILD HEARTS is coming soon – and those subscribed to EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate can get an exclusive sneak peek on February 13th! Recently, Executive Producer Lewis Harvey took part in a Reddit AMA, unveiling exciting new features like Mighty Kemono providing high-level challenges throughout the game, free post-launch DLC.

Hence, you never run out of content to explore, and more. In WILD HEARTS, Kemono rarely engages in epic Turf Wars, as seen in Monster Hunter. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Along with Minato’s bustling hub city and four unique regions teeming with adventure, intrepid travelers can also explore secret unknown areas to uncover more thrilling mysteries…

It was also revealed that with Karakuri, players can collaborate and build together with other players. But be careful – the world host has all-encompassing control, keeping everyone from engaging in any toxic behavior. And don’t worry about the difficulty level; it’ll adjust automatically as more players join or leave! Plus, peer-to-peer based infrastructure ensures smooth gaming sessions for all. “Only the world host has the permission to proactively destroy Karakuri. It has been designed specifically to avoid that kind of potential toxic behavior in multiplayer.”

Players can customize their female characters with armor pieces and ornaments, letting them alter the look to better showcase their style. Armor stats change as you mix and match pieces, granting benefits for all builds! With feedback from players on dedicated sets taken into consideration by our development team, unique character customization possibilities are just around the corner!

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