The Day Before Official Gameplay Trailer Showcases Some “Intense Booty Action”

I mean, is it not?

The developers behind The Day Before, the game that everyone’s skeptical about, have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming post-pandemic MMO survival game set in America. As per many, the game appears to be quite entertaining, considering its “rounded” assets.

While our team is highly excited about the game and is boiling in anticipation for its release, we can only agree that the game includes nothing else but a 10-minute booty action. Simply said, once you see it, you cannot unsee it, making me question the developer’s choice on this one. The comment section under the YouTube player speaks for itself, where fans are tackling down on the clothing choice.

The official gameplay trailer can be found below:

The game has the same vibe as The Division, with zombies included, and the gameplay somewhat shows that aside from the environment, it lacks content. The Day Before was recently postponed to November 10 due to a trademark dispute. The same reason impacted the release of the official gameplay trailer, and the removal of the Steam store also had some implications.

Either way, we’re stoked to see what else comes from Fntastic over the coming course. Fans around the world are truly excited about this new post-apocalyptic MMO, despite the discredits that have taken place over the past period. What’s your opinion on this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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