Cities: Skylines II Launching In 2023

A dream of mine is to build a city without any restrictions. Literally, without anyone telling me where can I build, when can I build and why can/can’t I build. Cities: Skyline II is the game that lets me live in a fantasy for a while.

Announced by Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order, the game titled Cities: Skyline II will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (via Steam) sometime this year. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact launch date.

Here are a few words from Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen:

“Cities: Skylines reset the bar for city-building games when it launched eight years ago, and we are incredibly proud of its impact,

We built a thriving community around Cities and introduced many to city building for the first time. Now, we’ve brought the years of experience we’ve gained to take a new step forward in the city builder genre, again, for our community and new players.”

Do you like the builder genre? We sure do, but which builder game is your favorite?

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