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Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test March 24 Update Tackles Bugs, Patch Notes

Full Patch Notes revealed!

Valve has released the first major update for Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, addressing various bugs and making notable adjustments to audio, graphics, and gameplay, thus enhancing the overall player experience.

The update introduces weapon drop sounds to the minimap distance broadcast, making it easier for players to track their opponents’ actions. In response to player feedback, the ringing effect of flashbangs and some ambient sounds on Dust2 have been reduced in volume.

Gameplay improvements include consistent bullet holes in smokes for all players, regardless of their viewmodel settings. This change eliminates the previous competitive advantage gained by having the viewmodel closer to the middle.

Several bug fixes have been implemented, targeting issues with smokes, picking up weapons while dead, and voice-related problems. Fans of the net_graph command in CS:GO will be pleased to see its addition to Counter-Strike 2.

The full changelog for the March 24 update provides a comprehensive list of changes and fixes made in UI, audio, game, and graphics aspects. With these improvements in place, players can expect a smoother and more balanced gaming experience as they continue to explore the new world of Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. For the complete patch notes, check below:

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test March 24 Patch Notes


  • Fixed common asserts.
  • Removed Trade-Up contract UI for Limited Test.
  • Fixed multiple items showing up in the inspect panel.

[ Audio ]

  • Use correct audio device name when user picks “default” device.
  • Added weapon drop sounds to minimap distance broadcast.
  • Lowered volume of some dust2 ambience.
  • Added some missing ui sounds.
    owered volume of flashbang ringing and volume ducking effect.
  • Reduced stereo spread of grenade explosions.
  • Fixed phasing with deathmatch kill bonus sound.

[ Game ]

  • Fixed various game crashes.
  • Smoke bullet holes are now fixed relative to the firstperson camera.
  • Smoke grenades dropped in small crevices no longer detonate on the incorrect side of thin walls.
  • Players can no longer pick up weapons while dead during a competitive match.
  • Fixed dropping weapons during the team intro.
  • Fixed +voicerecord getting stuck on when held during team intro and released after.
  • Chat messages sent during end of match no longer show players as *DEAD* if they were dead at the end of the last round.
  • Fixed handling game input keys such as +voicerecord while panorama has focus.
    Added netgraph.

[ Graphics ]

  • Fixed flickering with MSAA.
  • Fixed smoke cloud volume lighting.
  • Fixed stencil issue on glass when MSAA is disabled.
  • Updated various weapon finishes based on community feedback.
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