Crime Boss: Rockay City Launches on Epic Games Store

505 Games and INGAME STUDIOS have just announced the release of their highly-anticipated, star-studded 90s organized crime first-person shooter (FPS) title, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The game is now available on the Epic Games Store with a special launch discount.

In Crime Boss: Rockay City, players assume the role of Travis Baker, a determined individual with the ambition to become the new King of Rockay City. The game offers an ever-evolving experience in Rockay City, where each playthrough is unique. Players can immerse themselves in the intense single-player roguelike campaign or engage in thrilling PVE and P2P co-op gameplay modes.

The game is a live-service shooter that combines exhilarating action set-pieces, brutal turf wars, and over-the-top references to 90s crime movies. It boasts a star-studded cast, including Michael Madsen, Chuck Norris, Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Michael Rooker, Damion Poitier, and Vanilla Ice. As Travis Baker (Madsen), players will face seemingly insurmountable odds in a high-stakes turf war to rise to the top of Rockay City’s criminal underworld.

Crime Boss: Rockay City features an ever-evolving environment, presenting new challenges for Baker and his team in each playthrough. Players can choose to navigate missions in their unique playstyle, complete objectives, and conquer Rockay City one neighborhood at a time. The game also offers two high-stakes co-op modes, including permadeath and even higher rewards.

Neil Ralley, President of 505 Games, expressed his enthusiasm for the game’s release, stating, “today marks the beginning of Crime Boss: Rockay City’s story, and we can’t wait to continue building out the world of Crime Boss and all the potential it has to offer gamers.” Jarek Kolář, Development Director at INGAME Studios, also expressed excitement for the game’s launch, saying, “we hope people will have as much fun playing it as we did building it. And this is just the beginning!

Crime Boss: Rockay City is available now on the Epic Games Store for £34.99, with a 15% launch discount applied between March 28th and April 4th. More information on the upcoming console releases will be provided at a later date. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into this immersive, action-packed organized crime FPS adventure.

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