Destiny 2: Lightfall Facing Accusations of False Advertising and Cut Content

Destiny 2: Lightfall, the latest expansion for Bungie’s popular online shooter, has been the subject of controversy and disappointment among some players. Reddit user u/MelonMiner1 recently pointed out evidence of cut content and false advertising in the game, specifically related to missing and reused weapon models.

According to the post, Lightfall is the first major DLC in the game’s history not to have new weapon models being used, with the new Neomuna weapons using the base model of the Moon weapons and the seasonal weapons being complete reskins of Season of the Lost weapons. In-game artwork for the campaign shows characters with weapons that are not in the game, such as an LMG, a rocket launcher, and a hand cannon.

The user argues that this is evidence of false advertising and cut content, as the expansion’s promotional material showed characters with weapons that are not yet available in the game. The post also highlights how the reused seasonal weapons are inconsistent with previous seasons, which had unique weapon models.

The post has garnered much attention and sparked frustration and disappointment among players who feel they have been misled or that promised content is missing. It’s important to note that development for games is a complex and often unpredictable process, and plans can change during the course of development. However, if the advertisement for the expansion specifically included these weapons as part of the package, it’s understandable that players would feel disappointed or misled.

It remains to be seen how Bungie will respond to these concerns, but it’s clear that there is a significant amount of disappointment and frustration among some players over the current state of Destiny 2: Lightfall. As always, developers and publishers need to manage player expectations and ensure they deliver on what has been promised.

Evidence of cut content and false advertising. Legendary weapons. from DestinyTheGame

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