Destiny 2 Year 6 Leaks Reveal Upcoming Seasons and Content

A recent leak claims to have revealed Bungie‘s plans for Destiny 2 Year 6 and its three upcoming seasons, along with details on new planets, activities, weapons, and armor. The leak, which was shared on Reddit, suggests that the following seasons will be introduced in 2023:

  • Season of the Deep (S21)
  • Season of the Machine (S22)
  • Season of the Unveiling (S23)

The information has generated excitement and skepticism among the Destiny 2 community, with some players eager for the potential content while others question its validity. According to the leak, the returning planets of Titan and Io will be accessible through specific activities, similar to the Leviathan raid location. Additionally, the New Light campaign is set to be reworked in Season 23, and classic Exotic missions Zero Hour and Whisper are slated to return in S22 and S23, respectively.

Fans can also look forward to new ritual weapons, Iron Banner, and Trials armor sets, as well as the return of iconic weapons like Randy’s Throwing Knife. Each season has a unique theme and storyline, promising engaging content.

Season of the Deep is believed to revolve around Worm Gods, with a Lovecraft-inspired aesthetic, and feature a new dungeon set on Titan. The season’s story will involve characters like Drifter, Eris, and the Nine.

Season of the Machine is expected to conclude the Fallen storyline, with Mithrax dying and being resurrected as a Guardian. Eramis will attempt to fuse Vex technology with salvaged tech from the Deep Stone Crypt and Warmind facilities. This season will also see the return of the Wrath of the Machine raid and a new activity similar to the forges.

Season of the Unveiling is said to focus on Io and the Dreaming City, with Asher Mir making a return. The Veil and the Tree of Silver Wings will be explained, and the season will introduce a new dungeon set in the structure where the Traveler touched Io.

While some details from the leak have been confirmed through recent updates and announcements from Bungie, it is important to take this information with a grain of salt. Leaks have been both accurate and fabricated in the past, and the validity of these claims cannot be fully confirmed until Bungie officially announces the content.

For further details, check out the discussion on Reddit.

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